People Share Hilarious Pics Of Their Irish Wolfhounds And They Are Crazily Large

While some people prefer small and cute puppies running around their house, there are others whose dogs hardly live in a house.

The Irish Wolfhound is the largest breed of the American Kennel Club, and it deserves this name. These dogs are enormous and are a whole different animal — literally.

These old breeds can be dated back to 391 AD, when they were mainly used for hunting wolves, and were named Cú Faol or wolfhounds by the Gaels, natives of European land.

According to the World Canine Federation, their standard height ranges between 32 inches (81cm) and 34 inches (86cm). Moreover,  Irish Wolfhounds routinely reach over 100 pounds, with the males weighing up to 120 pounds and the females usually staying around 105.

However, the appearance of these large breed dogs might intimidate, but they are very loving and enjoy cuddling, and the following pics confirm it:

1. This 8-month-old puppy called Murphy is 4 years old now and weighs 165 lbs.

2. This Irish Wolfhound loves sitting on grandma’s lap.

3. Big Ron and Ern.

4. These hunting dogs look quite meek and sad.

5. Lincoln can’t become a couch dog, so daughter improvised.

6. That one dog that photobombed the picture.

7. Beautiful girl and handsome boy.

8. These human-size pants suit him well.

9. Well, they still work as lap dogs.

10. Gilligan with 100-year-old Mariette on her birthday.

11. Simply adorable!

12. ‘Coming, a plate of patable dog head.’

13. Meet the new ‘Backstreet Boys’ of the town.

14. Kitty always chooses the best spot.

15. Grandma has fluffy and cuddly hounds that need a snack this Thanksgiving.

16. Excitement!

17. Dad: This dog is so annoyingly huge.

Also dad:

18. Amber is 5ft and has a good boyfriend.

19. Floki is ready to lounge by the fireplace this winter.

20. Guinness who passed away at 9-year-old.

21. No one is staring at you, it is just you Wolfhound waiting for a treat.

22. Excited boys on a walk.

23. The kitchen is where the magic happens.

24. The best roommates for goofy pictures.

25. When even dogs approve you as couch dog in a different sense.

26. Fezzik is chilling.

27. Wolfhound excited to try ice cream for his human.

28. This is one funky chihuahua and buffy wolfhound.

29. Jarvis is a great guard.

30. Wait for the best kisses ever!

31. Wolfhounds were huge, weren’t they?

32. They love napping.

33. Winnie and its boopable nose!

34. Probably pizza is somewhere behind the camera.

35. Cute and curious chubbs.

36. Chester is a curious, one-year-old hound.

37. He is 38 inches at the shoulder and weighs 223 pounds.

38. Auntie Terri with a lovely lap dog

So, even though they look scary, these dogs are peaceful and funny, as you can see, and their owners love them for their gentle personality.