People Filed Complaints About A Stray Kitty Roaming This Law Firm So They Hired Him

While we all feel sympathetic for homeless cats, one of them, seems to be the luckiest of them all. The homeless kitty has been hired just to silence people filing a complaint against it.

Leon the cat spent his days hanging around the Order of Attorneys of Brazil, so some people became angered and started filing complaints about it being in the reception section.

According to the lawyer’s representative, in February, it rained a lot in the state of Amapa (Amazonia), so Leon arrived at the OAB fleeing from the storm. He spent a week protected and fed in a box.

People complained about a stray cat hanging around the reception desk, and as he was very little, they were scared of stepping on him. They said that there was no space for him because it is a serious institution.

However, to stop the complaints, the president of the OAB made a spectacular thing- he hired him and gave him an employee badge!

  • Leon the Homeless cat chose the OAB to be his new home!

  • Some people weren’t fond of his company and started filing complaints, but Leon was given a role!

Dr. Jeanette Laredo shared the good news as soon as Leon became an official employee, and it went quickly viral!

While Leon was initially hired to help welcome people coming into the building, there’s been a promotion, and he’s now a lawyer!

Nowadays, Dr. Leon the lawyer cat has become very popular and even has his own Instagram page with over 50,000 followers.

The lawyer cat’s representatives state that today, he is dear t everyone, even to those that disliked his presence. His favorite place is President Auriney’s sofa. He is already fully recovered, loves playing with his toys and is fed regular cat food.

Veterinarians found that he had a problem with his vocal cords as a result of suffering as a baby, so he hardly meows, but everyone takes care of him.

Dr. Leon might even have his own office in the future, as it has been reported that the documents to launch an animal rights institute to help abused and abandoned animals are in the final stage. It will be called Instituto Dr. Leon, and it will fund the NGOs in town.

  • Leon was made an OAB employee

  • Leon is very handsome in his uniform

  • He loves welcoming strangers

  • He welcomes everyone into the building

  • Leon has his ID Card on his collar