People Don’t Meet Anyone By Accident – The 7 Types Of Cosmic Connections

Have you ever wondered about the reason why someone entered your life? Do you find it strange that many manage to eventually find their soulmate, while others keep encountering people that only teach them a lesson?

Throughout life, we get to meet various kinds of people, different personalities, and they all leave a distinctive mark.

However, a lot of people believe that we are all deeply connected to each other, and nothing happens in the Universe by chance.

The universe has its mysterious ways to put people in our lives for us to connect with, because we need their influence, or they need something we can provide. Some of these encounters are short, many will leave us even if we still need them, and others remain by our side forever.

We meet every single person in life for a reason, and people come and go to reveal things we do not know or join us throughout our journey. Synchronicities are ‘meaningful coincidences’ and they can come in many forms.

In this way, here are seven types of cosmic connections, seven types of people everyone gets to meet in life:

1. The Heartbreakers

These people enter our lives, make us extremely happy, and they fail us, make us feel miserable.

Heartbreakers teach a valuable lesson in life. Do not let yourself dwell too much in sadness and despair, but make sure you learn from your mistake.

2. The Runners

These people enter our lives shortly but change us forever, positively or negatively. When they leave, we feel like they have taken a part of us with them.

3. The Eternals

These people come to stay in our lives. They are supportive, understanding, and comfort us. These people accept us for who we are, and they always have our back.

4. The Learners

The learners learn from us. They carefully observe all our actions and listen to our words, and they shape who they become later.

5. The Teachers

These people teach us valuable lessons in life, and they show us how to accept ourselves in life and move towards our goals.

6. The Empowerers

These people encourage us to pursue our dreams, they boost our confidence and believe in us.

7. The Reminders

These people serve as reminders and do not let us forget something important in life. They do not let us overlook valuable people and forget what really matters in life.