People Are Upcycling Old Glassware Into Stunning Glass Garden Mushrooms

Spring is the time when we all love to clean our homes and decorate them, to welcome the new, joyful season, and bring positivity to the house. This idea for decorating the garden will surely charm you, just like it did to numerous others!

Namely, instead of throwing out the outdated glassware, people have started upcycling it, and the result looks stunning!

The crystal and glass garden mushrooms are magnificent!

With the green background and the colorful flowers in the garden, all patterns and textures look spectacular!

All you need is crystal or glass serving bowls and vases.

If you have old glassware at home, all you need is a strong all-purpose glue to stick the bowl right on the base of the vase using strong all-purpose glue, and the garden mushroom will fascinate your visitors!

Place the glass mushrooms on the patio table or even inside your home. 

The glass mushrooms can be fully transparent, but feel free to play with the colors of the bowls, tea light holders, and vases too.

You can even make spots on the mushrooms using white nail polish, or add solar lights for a nighttime glow!

Ask your children to help you, and you’ll spend an entire day of high-quality time together.

If you don’t have any ornate glass bowls or vases at home, you can find them at the thrift store for a reasonable price.  

So, when do you start working on this DIY project?