People Are Turning Home Depot Tuff Sheds Into Affordable Two-Story Tiny Homes

The trend of tiny homes seems to take off more and more. Social media are full of smart and adorable ideas to create your own piece of paradise in an easy, affordable, and still comfortable way!

However, did you know that you can turn a tuff shed into a home?

Home Depot’s Tuff Shed TR-1600 is the way to go! Depending on the size, these homes can cost you from $13,000 to $24,000!

Here is what you get: 

  • 8-foot high walls on the first floor
  • Full second floor
  • 36-inch stairs with a railing and full banister
  • 3 by 7-foot entry door with a lock
  • Boxed eaves on all the walls

The sheds are customizable, so you can choose from different amounts and sizes of windows and shutters, window boxes, a ridge vent, and sidewall porch upgrades.

Tuff Shed’s collection offers 30 colors to choose from, including various shades of white, blue, brown, gray, and red.

The materials for the roof come in five standard colors and three different styles: three-tab composition shingles, upgraded dimensional shingles or a metal roof.

All of them have a specific warranty to guarantee protection from winds and rain.

Plus, you get to customize the interior according to your preferences. You can pick the colors and style, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, the size of the kitchen and the living area, and decide whether you’d like an open or closed concept.

This home can also be used as a guest house, a cottage, or a vacation home.

If you are ready to downsize your life, make sure you are prepared for more work, but you’ll need less money to invest in it.

Watch the video to learn more about Beth and Barry Smith’s experience preparing their Tuff Shed Tiny Home. Beth was so inspired by living small, that she evens started a blog and small business to help others organize their homes better.

She says:

“It’s still tiny but it’s manageable. We moved out of a 3,000 sq. foot house into less than 800 sq. feet, so it’s been a change, but we love it. I would absolutely recommend Tuff Shed. It was a great experience and it still continues to be very positive.”

She adds:

“We still love the size, we love the ease of living here. We still enjoy a generally uncluttered life. Having a small home with very little overhead has allowed us to pursue a simpler life and to walk away from ‘corporate,’ which was one of our goals.”

To learn more and get the tiny home of your dreams, check out Home Depot’s Tuff Shed website.