whipped coffee also known as dalgona coffee

People Are Obsessed With “Whipped Coffee” — Here’s How To Make It

Coffee is perhaps the most popular drink around the world. Nowadays, it comes in countless shapes and flavors, and we love them all!

Yet, a new barista-inspired coffee creation is gaining popularity these days, and you must try it!

The latest coffee trend, whipped coffee, or dalgona coffee, has gone viral. 

The delicious coffee has been promoted in a TikTok video which has been viewed millions of times. Search the hashtag #dalgonacoffee on Instagram, and you will get more than 21,000 results.

Dalgona coffee comes from South Korea, where there is a popular candy with the same name too.

It tastes fabulous and looks like something you can order at a coffee shop. These days, we miss going to cafés, so this is a chance for you to feel like you have left your home for a while!

It is easy to make and it is a mixture of instant coffee, sugar, and water, all spooned over on milk. Numerous people have attempted to make this coffee and posted photos of their experiments on social media.

This is the first attempt at making whipped coffee by @connievolume:


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My first attempt at #dalgonacoffee 🤤

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To prepare it, you should mix two tablespoons of instant coffee and two tablespoons of sugar. Then, add 2 tablespoons of water, but note that it needs to be hot or boiling to help the coffee and sugar dissolve. Using a frother or a hand mixer, create a creamy topping.

If you use a standard mixer on a medium setting, you will make it in about 3 minutes.

You can choose the kind of milk you add the foamy topping on, and just scoop it onto it, cold or hot. Adding a few ice cubes is an option too if you like iced-coffee.

Video tutorial -- How to make “Whipped Coffee” or Dalgona coffee

An Instagrammer @tracy.han.ph added boba to hers:

You can add chocolate or sprinkles over it, and post a picture online! Don’t forget to stir it before you drink!

An Instagram user @pistachiopicks explains how to get a perfect foam by using the frother, electric whisk, spoon, or whisk.

Give it a try and you will thank us! Enjoy!