People Are Melting Over These Videos Of Zoo Animals Seeing Each Other For The First Time

Animals love company, just like us!

During the times of the coronavirus pandemic, officials and governments advising social distancing and closing down almost all companies and organizations, zoos and aquariums have found a way to entertain us- by showing their animals while playing and interacting in various ways.

Their virtual tours and streaming performances are a real feast for the eyes and soul!

Caretakers, who still tend for these animals, share videos and photos of their residents and their cute meetups to brighten up our days!

These videos melted the hearts of many, as the reactions of the animals are simply adorable! One such video of a sea lion and a tegu is so sweet, that it went viral almost immediately!

Netizens love a video of a confused sea lion meeting up with a tegu

One illustrator that shared it wrote in the now-viral tweet:

 “Pray for the zoo animals in this time of crisis. I mean, they’re getting really well taken care of, but they’re also living through an era of zookeepers saying, ‘Y’know what? F**k it, let’s just show them each other!’”

Many zoos have decided to allow us to sneak peek inside them.

Watch the video of the “staring game”

Connecticut-based Mystic Aquarium tweeted another adorable video of a confused sea lion, that kept staring at the unfamiliar creature in front of him.

Many zoos are letting their animals meet or see each other during the lockdown

Cincinnati Zoo shared:

“Red river hog Sir Francis Bacon got the rare opportunity to visit other Zoo residents earlier today. His care team took advantage of the Zoo being closed and took him on an extended walk in the Africa habitat. The meerkats were particularly curious about the unusual visitor.”

“Our Indian runner duck stopped by the Penguin Education Center this week”

Maryland Zoo posted another video on Twitter that revealed their Indian runner duck stopping by to observe the penguins in the aquarium.

The videos of the meetings are shared on social media

At the San Diego Zoo, a “coati cutie” met a gorilla. The gorilla just sat and observed his new friend.

This zoo is the home of over 4,000 animals, and you can take a peek at them through the zoo’s 10 different live feeds. You can watch zoo streams videos of polar bears, apes, koalas, giraffes, owls, penguins, baboons, elephants, tigers, and condors.

People simply adore the videos

As it shuttered its doors, Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois⁠, human visitors no longer wander its halls, so penguins are taking over and enjoy the tours of the facility.

The aquarium regularly shares interesting live streams from underwater. This time, they posted a video of their playful Magellanic penguin, Monte, observing the other penguins in the aquarium.

In this way, zoos offer people an opportunity to relax while being bombarded by news on the coronavirus

Such animal meet-ups are a common practice for zookeepers

Now, we can also tune in to the live streams of many zoos and aquariums

Since the lockdown due to coronavirus, The Dallas Zoo has been sharing footages and educational videos on Twitter since the beginning of the lockdown, with the hashtag #BringTheZooToYou.

Gregg Hudson, the Dallas Zoo’s president and chief executive, explains:

“The main thing is, we want to not lose contact with the incredible base we’ve got, nearly 30,000 family members here in Dallas. We know there’s probably a lot of families at home, and we hope to offer a respite from other news that’s bombarding people.” 

You can also relax with the videos of the colorful fish swimming among corals by the Tropical Reef Aquarium in Long Beach California, or visit the official webpage of Kansas City Zoo, and choose a camera to watch the animals!

What fun!