People Are Loving The Adventures Of This Hedgehog And Its Bengal Best Friend (30 Pics)

These are challenging times for us all, so we believe you will love to see photos of some adorable animals spending their entire time together. However, the ones you are going to meet are something special, I assure you!

Have you ever seen a duo consisting of a hedgehog and a Bengal kitten? These are Herbee the hedgehog and Audree the Bengal kitten, two incredibly cute best friends!

They are members of the Mr. Pokee family, and their owner, Germany-based Talitha Girnus, regularly treats online fans with photos of them! In fact, they have over 1.8 million Instagram followers!

The duo is unique, and they have been to numerous adventures together, all around the world, in some of the most spectacular places on the planet.

Talitha explained that she adopted the three-month-old Herbee from a girl who couldn’t take proper care of him because he suffered from severe allergic reactions.

He continues:

“It has been my dream for so many years to have a cat and Bengals get along well with other pets. I wanted a special cat that would go on adventures and travel with me, so there wasn’t much choice on the breed. And then one night I had a dream that I had a Bengal cat that I took on adventures and we became the best friends ever.

When I woke up and realized it was only a dream, I became sad. But a few moments later I realized that this dream wasn’t something that couldn’t turn into reality. And so I started to Google. The first cat I found was Audree and I saw her and knew it. When I called the lady she told me the story and I felt like it was meant to be. Audree has 3 brothers while I have 2 brothers. They always played like crazy and she would be right there next to them being a bit shy and just watching. Just like me as a child.”

Before she made the final decision, Talitha took Herbee with her and went to visit Audree.

Now, the two are best friends, and do everything together. Talitha says that “wherever Herbee goes, Audree goes. “ She even “lays down on spots where he was, they sometimes even snuggle and play together. “

On their first encounter, Audree was very curious, and the hedgehog didn’t put up his quills and wasn’t scared of her. Now, they eat together, sometimes from the same bowl. Audree sometimes sleeps in Herbee’s cage, or simply watches him sleep.

Can you believe it? Awesome!

There was only one time when Herbee bit Audree, but didn’t hurt her, so she meowed and left.

Talitha says that now, she cannot go outside and take photos of the incredible animals, but they live on a family farm, which is a good side. She adds that the quarantine took them back to the roots, and it taught them to appreciate the little things in life and share positivity.

Pokee, the name of all her social accounts is after a 8-week-old hedgehog Talitha adopted back in 2015.

This was love at first sight, according to Talitha:

 “Do you know that feeling when the world stands still for a few seconds? That’s how it was when I first held Pokee in my hands. He was very calm and laid flat on my hand as if he wanted to tell me that he belonged right there.”

She initially started taking photos of him to remember the joyful memories, but over time, she felt an urge to share them with the world.

Pokee helped her go through a tough period in her life, so she thought that he might brighten up other people’s days as well. She thought, “If I can help just one person to be happier and smile more – my mission would be complete.”

This was the beginning of this magical story!

Sadly, last year, shortly his 4th birthday, Pokee passed away, and Talitha has a tattoo on the wrist to honor him.

Their webpage reads:

“Amazing people from all over the world are inspired to follow our adventures especially because they love our message,” Talitha writes on her webpage.

“Between all the serious things happening in the world every day, Pokee and now also Herbee and Audree are here to give you a reason to be happy and smile. Whenever you return to our page, we want to remind you to never lose faith and always follow your heart.”