People Are Just Learning That Some Owls Sleep With Their Faces Down And Here Are 26 Pics

There is something mysterious about owls that attract us. It might be only because these sleeping and spectacular-looking birds are not a common sight, but at the same time, they are majestic, fierce, spooky, and cute!

Owls are a symbol of wisdom, so I guess they are living proof that our mind really needs sleep in order to function optimally!

However, did you know that some owls sleep with their faces down?

The picture journalist Mark Rees tweeted has started the endless series of photos of these birds on all sorts of platforms including Twitter, Facebook, Imgur, and Reddit.

His picture of a sleeping owl has garnered over 136K likes!

He wrote:

“I’ve just discovered that baby owls sleep face down like THIS because their heads are too heavy. Also, I don’t think I’ve seen owl legs before….”

While many doubted this theory, it seems to be true.

After a few months, adult owls are able to support the weight of their heads, but when younger, they have to lie down while napping.

Interestingly, owls don’t fall from the tree during their snooze because they hold onto the branch with the hallux, their back toe.

Aww, owls are so sweet!

Check out some of these photos of owls people shared online: