People Are Demanding A Reality TV Show Where Flat Earthers Search For The Edge Of The World

Nowadays, a growing number of people are going back to the old popular belief that the Earth is flat, and it seems that no facts and observations can be reasonable enough to convince them.

According to Big Think:

“Amidst all the fake news, misinformation sponsored by governments, and the explosion of conspiracy theories that bombard us daily, it’s no surprise that there seems to be a growing number of Flat-Earthers. After all, once you start doubting reality and the solidity of the institutions around you, being unsure whether the Earth is flat or round seems almost warranted. “

One of their primary sources of “scientific proof” is the Bible, and beliefs that there is a giant tree that’s supposedly visible from all corners of the Earth — at its “farthest bounds.”

Flat- Earthers also believe that gravity is not real, and a wall of ice covers the rim of this flat but disc-like earth. Flat-Earthers believe that this 150-foot-tall wall is guarded by NASA, whose real mission is to keep the truth away from regular citizens while being an embezzlement front and faking space travel.

One 2018 survey actually revealed that a third of millennials are willing to entertain doubts about the Earth being round, and even though not all of them believe that our planet is flat, they easily envision their ranks expanding.

Such ideas are definitely supported by numerous blogs, videos, and posts on the Internet.

This made a Reddit user suggest an interesting thing: why not make a reality show, with an objective for them to find the edge of the world.

It would be amazing to watch them search the end of the world, travel to exotic locations, mingle with people, and have local food. They will have an opportunity to meet other concepts and beliefs, and will eventually reveal the real truth.

What do you think about it?

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to follow the adventures of Flat-Earthers and be in a position to test their theories?

Or you find this all too silly to believe in?

In the end, it would be a nice way to finally solve this “mystery” and debunk the false theories.