Pears – Super-Fruit For Many Disorders And Diseases


Pears are rich source of glucose and fructose, which rapidly increase energy level.


Consuming a large glass of fresh pear juice is the best way to reduce temperature.


Its antioxidative effect strengthens the immune system, so eat pears and drink pear juice, especially now, in the season of flu and colds.



Pears have calming effect and help in relieving pain in numerous inflammation processes.


Pear contains high boron level, which helps the body absorb calcium and in this way it prevents the occurrence of osteoporosis.


All pregnant women should increase the folic acid intake during their pregnancy, in order to stop any congenital malformations in the fetus. Pears are rich in folic acid, so experts always recommend consuming pears during pregnancy.

Consumption advice

When buying, always choose harder and thicker pears with dark color. Leave them for a couple of days until they get softer.

You should also keep pears away from food with intensive smell, for example, garlic, onion or pickled cabbage, because this fruit can easily absorb other product’s smell.