Peaches – Nutritional and Health Benefits

Peaches are a Southern US favorite but originated in China which are a symbol of eternity and immortality. Due to its specific flavor, nutritive value and juicy, peach is among the most favorite and the most consumed fruits. Also peach is known by the name Persian plum.

One of the well known varieties of peaches is nectarine. Peaches contain many vitamins and minerals, but the potassium is the reason that Chinese believe in peaches miraculous effect. A lack of potassium in the body can lead to serious problems such as stress, tension, weakness in the body.

Peach is refreshing fruit with unique flavor which succeeds in over 65 countries worldwide and is so healthy.
Find out why….

Nutritional Value of Peaches

Peaches contain a large amount of water, so they have low energy value, but peaches are perfect for people who want to lose weight.
The peach contain cellulose (fiber), which represents 1.4% of its weight, soaked with juice, a small amount of carbohydrate, sugar 0.5%, then protein and very low amount of fat. And also, 100 grams of peach flesh provide 52 calories.

The peach is an amazing source of vitamins. It is rich in Vitamin A -- 489 IU, Vitamin B1 (thiamine) -- 0.036 mg, Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) -- 0.047 mg, Niacin -- 1.209 mg, Folate -- 6 mcg, Pantothenic Acid -- 0.229 mg, Vitamin B6 -- 0.037 mg, Vitamin C -- 9.9 mg, Vitamin E -- 1.09 mg, Vitamin K -- 3.9 mcg. Contain some other vitamins in small amounts. First of all, vitamins are concentrated in the skin of the peach, so you should eat unpeeled.

Of the minerals fresh peach contains mostly potassium (195 mg.), then calcium (8 mg), Phosphorus (22mg.), magnesium (11 mg.), Sulfur (7 mg.), Sodium (1 mg.), Iron( 0.38 mg), Zinc (0.26 mg).

The Health Benefits of Peaches

Peaches are powerful diuretic. Due to their anti-inflammatory properties are also recommended for people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and gout. We must mention that peaches have amazing antimicrobial properties and excellent beneficial effects of the antioxidants that are contained in peaches.

Peaches as a proven natural remedy helps people who are suffering from the following diseases:

  • Anemia
  • Bronchitis
  • Asthma
  • Dry cough
  • Inflammation of the kidney
  • Stones in the urinary tract
  • Bladder Problems
  • Poor digestion and constipation
  • High blood pressure

Also peaches are great for: skin acne, obesity, memory loss, depression, impotence, nausea and vomiting, some types of cancer (prevention and treatment), infertility, anxiety, decreased immunity, metabolism problems, problems with the thyroid gland, anti-aging, various infections, stress, inflammation and skin rashes, herpes, chronic fatigue and cellulite.

Peaches keep the skin healthy and refreshed. Peach blossoms have a calming and sedative effect. Cooked in water and sweetened with honey, this drink should be given to the restless children to reduce their hyperactivity.

Vitamin A that is contained in peaches prevents the occurrence of cancer originating from epithelial cells of organs and glands. Research over the past few years suggests that consumption of this nutritious fruit keep protect the colon from changes that might occur to him.

Peach and peach tea can be used as a diuretic. Peach can clean the blood vessels from fatty deposits. Diabetics and people who are prone to allergies, should consult with a doctor before they start to consume peaches.


Peach is very useful as a natural remedy for prevention and treatment of many diseases, so it is recommended to eat peaches, especially during the summer. The peach replaces the lost liquids, vitamins and minerals that are lost during the hot summer days.