Parsley – More Than Just A Simple Spice

Parsley is one of the far most used spices(widely cultivated as an herb and a vegetable) in the world. It has an excellent flavor, and a lovely green color. Therefore, parsley is used as a decorator of various dishes, especially salads. At the markets can be found throughout the whole year, but the healthiest way is, when the parsley will be grown in your garden.

Some of us routinely add the parsley in the preparation of food, others avoid it, believing as unnecessary, still others would gladly like to use it, but they forgot to get, because they do not put on the list of important supplies. Everyone knows parsley as a spice, but rarely who know that, the parsley is a plant with a lot of nutrients, and curative effect.

First of all, we need to mention the decorative power of parsley. It has interesting and nicely shaped branches, with striking green color, so each salad/meal, which is decorated with parsley, has irresistible look.

Parsley contains many essential oils, flavonoids and vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin A. According to some research, parsley increases the antioxidant capacity of the blood, which makes the blood more powerful in “fighting” against the free radicals, and also reduces the risk of cancer. Some essential oils, that contain parsley, also have antioxidant effect.

Parsley is known to people as protector of the heart and blood vessels. It contains a lot of folic acid, which is an important factor for the protection of the heart and blood vessels, and also has an important role in the processes of the organism, to be carried out properly.

Parsley is recommended especially for people who have a heart attack or stroke survivor, as well for those who suffer from arteriosclerosis and other diseases of the cardiovascular system. According to some research, parsley is an excellent nutrient, which provides protection against rheumatoid arthritis, given to the ingredients that parsley contains, and the high levels of vitamin C.

Several tips plus:

  • Fresh parsley is much better than dry, if you have to buy dry, then choose organic
  • Buy parsley with conspicuous green color. Do not buy parsley with yellow color, because it is a sign of damaged and old one
  • Never throw the excess parsley. Shred it, and leave it to dry. It’s an excellent addition to some liquid meal, like soup/ stew
  • Parsley can be used in almost any dish, it causes no side effects

So, today we learned that, parsley is not just an ordinary spice as you might have thought so far. It is equally useful as well as other products from your garden, so it is okay to use regularly in your soups, stews or any other main dishes. It is a powerful guardian of your health, and it’s easy to procure. Therefore, use the parsley in larger quantities, and regularly in your diet.