Paralyzed Dog Gets Deserted On A Street With Its Broken Wheelchair And A Bag Of Diapers

Dogs with disabilities deserve the best treatment in the world. Unfortunately, some owners give up on their puppies and leave them in shelters. Some dogs end up in the street.

Would you ever adopt a dog? Would you adopt a dog with disability? No? Most people look for “normal” dogs. Are you one of them?

The story of Lunita is really sad. She loved her owners with her entire heart, but she didn’t get the same love in return.

Lunita was left on the street, and her owners tied her up outside a local grocery shop in Argentina. Her owners didn’t want to take care of a disabled dog. Oh, and her wheelchair was broken, too. These people didn’t want to have anything to do with Lunita.

The poor dog didn’t deserve to be treated this way. This is cruel and wrong. No animal should ever be treated this way, regardless of whether it’s disabled or not. A local noticed Lunita and took her to the vet. The doctor gave Lunita a new wheelchair.

The new wheelchair gave Lunita a second chance for life. She was adopted, but the family had to return her to the shelter. The staff at the shelter shared Lunita’s story online, and the reaction was incredible.

Lunita had a terrible destiny, and people felt that.

Today, Lunita lives in the USA with her new family. She is living the best life. The guys at Eddie’s Wheels gave Lunita a new wheelchair and she can motor around together with her new family.

Lunita got ill after her 11th birthday, and passed away. We will always remember this story, and hopefully it will make people think twice before dumping their pets on the street.

Credit for all photos: Facebook/Lunita’s Wish