Original Volkswagen Beetle Repurposed To Create A Fashionably Old-Fashioned Mini Bike!

Modern, fashionable, flashy and fancy cars are attractive, no one can deny it. However, no one of us can neither gainsay the value of old, iconic cars, and the classic beauty of the German Volkswagen Beetle, in particular.

These cars marked an era, and remained symbols of the old, unforgettable times.

Well, all of you who enjoy short scoots or leisure tours around the neighborhood would certainly fall in love with the creation of one enthusiast, who repurposes these cars into scooters!


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People are probably tired of me posting these pics. #volkspod #vwminibike #minibike #vw

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Brent Walter sees himself as a “maker and builder of a variety of things”, and his creation is called the “Volkspod”.

The handyman, a former tool and die maker who currently works in medical equipment manufacturing,  explained that he took up this hobby as a way to test his skills:

 “I wanted a scooter to take to VW shows. These fenders were left over from building my car. I also wanted to practice welding the thin sheet metal panels.”

He welds together the vintage fenders from all four corners of old VW Beetles.

The Volkspod has a rear and taillights from the original car, and wide bicycle-type handlebars. It has a 3 horsepower engine and can go up to 25 miles per hour.


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#volkspod cruise

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The scooter has the classic Volkswagen crest on the front, the step to help you get on, and the engine. It is also available in the iconic shades of the original Beetle; birch green and pastel blue.

Walter said:

“The original (green) has a 79cc motor and is more for looks than it is practical,” elaborated Walter. “The second (blue) one has more ground clearance and a 212cc motor. It is more practical to ride around on the road.”

As soon as people learned about them, these minibike creations went viral, and Walter was inundated with requests for them.


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Number 3 is finished. This one is mine. #volkspod #vw #vwbeetle #minibike #scooter

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Interested in these retro scooters?

Check our Brent’s Instagram account, walter_werks, as he has been documenting the entire creation progress of the scooters there. We do not know if these fancy creations will be for sale, so in the meantime, you can follow him through the entire experience!