Orange – King Of Fruits

Orange is richest source of antioxidants of all fruits, stimulates the digestion, lowers the cholesterol and protects against cardiovascular disease -- orange is the real king of fruits.

“Citrus aurantium” or orange, is a citrus, and we simply can not say a bad word for this fruit. People often know to eat whenever they are sick, but it is even more useful if it is used daily. Orange is not recommended for people with gastritis, and other stomach problems because the acids can irritate.

Interestingly, among the orange is useful the fruit and bark, and whenever you make orange juice never remove the bark. In the world people eat the oranges with bark, while in Afghanistan, for example, the table was unthinkable without orange. This just confirms that the power of orange is known to people since long ago.

Oranges are full of vitamins and minerals. From all vitamins oranges contain the most vitamin C, B, A and E, and from minerals it contains a lot of calcium, but also magnesium, potassium and phosphorus. It contains many trace-elements and sugars, which makes the oranges a good source of energy for your body.

Thanks to the really high level of vitamin C, it has a significant contribution to reducing the anemia, improve the healing of wound, and the elimination of free radicals from your body. Scientists are recommending the orange as indispensable to all, but especially for smokers.

However, the orange must be used fresh. Any thermal processing of the orange, means destruction of most of its medical usefulness. According to some research, regular intake of orange, reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke by 19%, this is due to its power to reduce cholesterol levels and improve the work of the entire cardiovascular system.

Orange is one of the largest reservoirs of antioxidants from all other fruits, contributes to the detoxification of the body and reducing the risk of cancerous tissue changes.