Only A Few People Can Find The Human Face In This Fascinating Picture

Most people claim that their fast-paced, hectic lifestyle is the main reason for not going to the gym and exercising regularly. A tough day at work will surely leave you exhausted and sleepy on the sofa in the evening.

However, brainteasers can have the opposite effect! Therefore, instead of exhausting your body, why don’t you try the following challenge?

You are given 15 seconds to spot one or more details in the picture below. Stay focused and try!

-- In the first image, you need to find faces hidden among the stones. How many can you see?

If you haven’t solved it in the given time, this is the right answer:

This was far from easy, wasn’t it? A single face was hidden in the middle of the picture!

-- Get ready and sharpen your eyes, as this one is even more difficult. Can you spot the woman in 15 seconds?

Congratulations if you managed to find her!

To keep the mind in shape as the entire body, make sure you add brain teasers to your daily schedule. Researchers have found that a dexterous brain makes a person healthier and happier.

Practice mental exercise regularly. It will lower dementia risk, dramatically boost your memory and concentration, and it will help you reduce boredom.

Brain teasers will help you sharpen the mind and solve your problems in life easily.

Moreover, as our brains can be re-wired, problem-solving exercises will alter your way of thinking, and it will be of great help whenever you are in a tough situation.