One Hour On This Bike Can Power Your Home For 24 Hours

Our world struggles with climate change, poverty, declined wildlife populations, the energy crisis, and various diseases, to name a few.

Yet, not everything is black. Everything has a solution, and until we have sharp-minded people willing to help, we can hope that things will eventually get better.

Manoj Bhargava’s Free Electric hybrid bike was created as a possible solution to some of the problems of modern society. When one pedals the bike, it drives a flywheel, which turns a generator and charges a battery.

In this way, an hour of pedaling is said to be enough to supply a small rural household in India with energy for 24 hours.

The goal of the stationary bike is to power the millions of homes with little or zero electricity around the Globe.

Bhargava, a popular philanthropist, claims that more than half of all people in the world live with no electricity, or have access to it for about two or three hours daily. Therefore, he believes an hour spent pedaling on the bike will keep lights and basic appliances going for an entire day.

Ajaita Shah, CEO of Frontier Markets, a company that sells solar lamps and lighting kits in India, maintains that the bike holds “huge potential and opportunity for rural households.”

Bhargava believes that supplying a poor community with electricity will solve its poverty problems.

He says:

“Everything requires energy- energy is the great equalizer. So you try to look for that which is the one thing that will lead to benefits that are across hundreds of things. Human mechanical energy is so amazing, why can’t we use that to create energy?”

Bhargava adds that his invention could help 1.3 billion people who currently live without electricity due to poverty. He is an Indian billionaire, and the founder of Billions in Change, a movement whose goal is to target the biggest world problems, particularly those linked to electricity, health, and water.

He says:

“If you have wealth, it’s a duty to help those who don’t. Make a difference in people’s lives, don’t just talk about it.”

Take a look at his invention: