One-Day-Old Baby Dies After Family Rottweiler ‘Attempted To Bury The Child’

A tragedy happened to a family living in Hamilton, New Zealand, when their dog killed the newborn baby.

Nothing can be more traumatic and tragic than the death of a newborn baby. After being mauled by the dog, a day-old infant from Hamilton, New Zealand, has lost his life.

The little angel was attacked at a property in Enderley, North Island, and the dog left him barely alive.

Even though the infant was quickly taken to Waikato Hospital, and was being treated at the intensive care unit, he died after a whole night struggling for his life.

According to a police spokesperson, they “are continuing to make inquiries, and are liaising with relevant agencies.” The family rottweiler viciously attacked the tot at around 7 pm while his mother was in the toilet.

One neighbor, Karen, found that the dog has escaped the property earlier that day, so she returned it to the fenced-off section. Later, she found the mother sitting on the grass verge next to the road, gently holding her dying baby, worried, and horrified.

She said:

“I sat beside the mother and put my arm around her. The baby boy was crying really hard. He was just so little.”

She explained that the poor little thing was “all dirty and had bits of blood on him”, and added that the dog had afterward tried to bury the baby in the garden!

Karen said she felt guilty for taking the dog home earlier, and said:

“The whole thing is horrible, every time I close my eyes I just see him.”

She went on to add that the mother has two dogs that she had gotten recently, and she told her that it was the rottweiler that attacked her baby boy. Now, the canines have been taken and placed in a council pound.

Hamilton City Council animal control manager Susan Stanford reported that the police contacted staff from the pound a little after 7 pm to deal with a reported dog attack involving a newborn.

She said:

“Staff collected the dog and it is now secured at the council’s animal control facility. Further decisions regarding the animal will be informed by the ongoing police investigation.

This is a traumatic time for all involved and our thoughts are with the families and individuals involved.”