One Day It Just Clicks

The sense of belonging is of crucial importance in life, and every person needs to feel accepted. We need to have that one safe place, and feel validated, if not appreciated.

Therefore, not feeling like a member or a part of the whole has its consequences on the way one deals with intense emotions in life.

People often referred to as old souls often feel alone or isolated to some extent because they feel much older than their age reflects. Many consider them antisocial or outcasts, and they seem to stand out from the rest.

Old souls knew they were different from the rest since childhood, and have probably been labeled as rebels, but in fact, they are just more mature for their age. They are often highly intelligent, knowledge-thirsty, empathic, and intuitive.

These people are special, and even though they do not share the same interests and considerations as those around them, especially in their age group, they still find their life fulfilling and peaceful.

To be considered an old soul is a compliment, as this means that others perceive you as emotionally stable, wise beyond your age, and someone who makes good choices in life.

Yet, old souls often find life challenging, as they keep struggling to fit in with the rest of society.

If you are one of them, you will find the following things familiar:

  • Old souls often feel like the black sheep. They build strong and meaningful bonds with people, but many do not understand them, which leaves them feeling isolated. They might even find social interaction with others frustrating, as being surrounded by what feels like children.
  • Old souls are usually emotionally drained, as they always want to help others, and are often taken advantage of.
  • Old souls are not easy to be labeled, something which seems very important these days. They are unique in their own way and it is difficult to characterize them as a part of a larger group.
  • Old souls want to feel they belong somewhere, to their closest family, a smaller group, or the community, but to still preserve their sense of seclusion. They need this time to look inward, rest, and recharge for the next day.