On This Tropical Island, You can Cuddle With Puppies All Day on the Beach for Free

Imagine yourself in the Caribbean, with the turquoise water in front of you, the warm white sand beneath you, enjoying a refreshing cold drink, and cuddling an adorable puppy all day long!

If you like this idea, Providenciales in Turks & Caicos is the place you must visit.  While on vacation there, people can enjoy their time with up-for-adoption puppies on the beach.

Namely, Potcake Place, a dog rescue charity runs a shelter for stray island puppies and has a program where people can volunteer to help socialize the dogs by scooping one up for the day. These dogs are also up for adoption if you fall in love with them during the long hangouts on the beach.

They usually have about 50 dogs in foster care at any given time, so you can visit the shelter, and choose a furry friend for a beach trip.

This helps puppies to socialize with humans while running around on the beach. The “potcakes” are a mixed breed, generally made up of German Shepherd, Labrador, and Fox Terriers. Their cute name came from the practice of locals to feed the homeless dogs scraps from pots of food.

They have been running around the island for about a century, and for the most part, living on the streets. Some locals foster or feed them, but most times, tourism is what helps these dogs survive.

People at the shelter can also arrange the adoption of the puppies, free of charge after they finish the background checks on the new potential puppy parents. Then, they set up an appointment with a vet, and get you squared away to bring it home.

Yet, donations are encouraged, and if you are not willing to adopt a dog, but still would like to contribute to the cause, they often need “couriers” to shepherd pups on planes to their forever homes outside Turks & Caicos.

Source: www.thrillist.com