Olive Oil – Health Benefits

Olive oil, the most beneficial oil, a real source of health, real medicine that offers many benefits to the organism. Olive oil is the best choice for your salads and your meals.

Olive oil is rich in carotenoids and has a large reserve of antioxidants. High quality-cold pressed olive oil contains vitamin E and unsaturated fatty acids that are extremely beneficial for the body. Olive oil is a real “warehouse of material” that is needed for the body.

We will present what are the health benefits of using olive oil.

Olive oil strengthens immunity, protects the heart and blood vessels, and also acts against chronic degenerative diseases. Unlike some other products, olive oil was studied and tested many times, and its benefits are recorded and validated in many scientific medical journals and portals.
Olive oil is a protector of the gastric. In its composition there are strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Olive oil is a good protector from atherosclerosis, as well as diabetes and almost all other metabolic disorders. Olive oil is a great choice for people who suffer from high triglycerides and cholesterol, so it is recommended to replace the sunflower oil with olive oil. In some studies that was tested the ability of olive oil against cancer, was proved that olive oil has a high protective role especially when it comes to colon and breast cancer.
It is recommended to all who suffer from these diseases to use regularly the olive oil in their diet!

Scientists believe that olive oil is great in the regulation of blood sugar, because in the last research was proved that the meals with olive oil have less power to rapidly increase the blood sugar. Scientists say that a small amount of olive oil, can really affect on the blood pressure, i.e. to reduce the blood pressure.

Almost there is no organ in the body that has not benefit from regular consumption of olive oil. Unless mentioned benefits, olive oil is good for people with asthma, people with peptic ulcer and any inflammatory diseases.
It is important to know: When buying olive oil, be sure it is authenticated and pure, without additives.

Olive oil is more than a boon and “liquid health”. It is important to mention that most of the above beneficial effects are coming from the cold pressed olive oil. Considering the characteristics and nutritional status, it is recommended to use in every meal and salad as an ideal replacement for other types of oils.

We can say that olive oil is a boon for almost all organs in our body, so use the olive oil in every veggie salad and meal, so they could become real “bombs” filled with health.