Not Every Woman Can Be Replaced, Be Careful Who You Hurt

Every human being deserves to be loved, cared for, and respected. Betrayal usually comes from the ones we love the most, so it has dramatic consequences on us.

No one is perfect. Not being careful and loving enough can often lead to our biggest mistakes in life. We can hurt the most important one in our life, and lose him/her for good.

Sometimes, we are careless and push important people away, and as soon as they leave our life, we feel something( or should I say someone) is missing. As they say, “we don’t value what we have until it is gone.”

Having the right woman beside him can make a man accomplish all his goals in life. Yet, she must be treated properly. Otherwise, she will be gone forever.

To prevent this from happening, we need to learn to be more patient. Patience is the antidote to anger.

When you start pausing instead of retaliating, you’ll begin to tame yourself and loosen the pattern of causing harm. Give it a try before you hurt your dearest one.

After a woman has been betrayed, she is afraid to trust again and lower her guard. Being hurt so deeply changes everything in life. After she has shown her vulnerabilities, she ends up disappointed and changed for life. Plus, not every woman is willing to forgive and remain in the relationship after she has been mistreated.

If you have suffered this, take all the time you need to heal and move on.

Remember, even though it has surely been painful, it is a valuable lesson that will make you stronger in life. If you have been disrespected, now, you will learn your value.

Sooner or later, your ex would have shown his true face.

Forgive yourself for being naïve, accept that you gave all your love just because you believed in him, and promise yourself that you will protect yourself better in the future.

As Dalai Lama said, “don’t let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.”

Take back the control of your life, spend time with your beloved friends and family, and time will help you recover.

Then, make sure you give your love to the one who truly deserves it.