Not All Learning Is Done In A Classroom

“The nearest thing to heaven is a child”

Children are the purest form of energy in this world, and their arrival in this world is a true miracle and a blessing.

However, parenthood doesn’t come with a manual, so providing the best guidelines to our children and showing them the right path in life can be a real challenge.

Here are 5 useful techniques to help you raise a wise, sharp, and fully awakened child:

  • Don’t assume that you are much smarter than your child just because you are older. Listen to your children carefully, give them a chance to reveal their intelligence, wisdom, and knowledge. Let them teach you too.
  • Try to give your child the life you wish you had. Not from a materialistic point of view, but fill his days with laughter, joy, adventures, love, and respect. Teach them not to repress their emotions, but to embrace them.
  • Teach your children to thrive in peace and harmony, but make sure they will also stand up for themselves when needed.
  • Never ignore your child. They have a lot to ask, say, and think, so stimulate their curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Pay attention to what they are saying, to discover their intuitive abilities, and nurture them.
  • Support the independence of your children.  They are different people from you, so don’t be possessive. You should guide and support them, but don’t try to control them.

Remember, you are your child’s role model. You should interrogate the messages you are sending to your children, and check the values you are instilling.

This does not mean that you should present an unrealistic image of yourself, but you should demonstrate concern, sympathy, and empathy so that your children can be exposed to it.

Express gratitude and compliments, exhibit altruistic behavior, help others without expecting anything in return, show kindness, respect, and tolerance in your relationships with others.

Model the traits you wish to see in them.