Nostril Hair Extensions Is The New Beauty Trend Apparently

The hairs poking out of the nostrils have been considered extremely unattractive for years, so people have waxed, trimmed, and removed them in various ways.

However, a new trend these days might show that it was all unnecessary, as some people have started to get nose hair extensions.

It all started when Instagrammer @gret_chen_chen used false eyelashes to create the look, and she was quickly followed by numerous others.

This is about to become one of the oddest ‘beauty’ trends ever, but the #nosehairextensions tag on Instagram is undoubtedly a huge hit among hair fans, with numerous women posting lots of photos showing off their hairy nostrils.

This hashtag has been used more than 400 times on Instagram, with more and more people sharing photos and videos attempting the bizarre look.

However, we highly recommend you to think twice before you put eyelash glue up your nose. According to the Cleveland Clinic, the natural hairs in the nose do actually serve an important purpose, as their role is to trap dust and bacteria.

On the other hand, the use of lash glue to stick extensions up the nostrils might damage the original hairs, and cause serious harm.

When the idea appeared, no one seemed to believe that many people would dare to try it out and that the bizarre trend would last, but apparently, they were wrong!