Norwegian Forest Cats, The Pets Of The Vikings

Are you looking for the perfect pet to cuddle all winter long? Well, we have some good news- you are just reading the right article!

The Norwegian forest cats, also called scogkatts, or more commonly known as Norwegian Forest Cats or “wegies”, are the long-haired pet of your dreams- or, should I say, fairytales?

These huge cats are depicted in numerous folk legends in the Nordic countries.

The breed is among the most popular choices in Norway, Iceland, Sweden and also France. It is believed that it was brought by the Vikings to Norway from the British archipelago during the early Middle Ages. Ever since, they gradually became accustomed to the Scandinavian cold climate.

Our Viking ancestors knew the numerous benefits of the companionship with four-legged animals. Our pets play a central role in human existence, boost our mental and physical wellbeing, and lower stress and loneliness.

Vikings have lived side by side with these felines for thousands of years. Viking cats existed on the farms and ships, and even in homes with early Scandinavians as far back as 4,000 years ago.

They were appreciated and important, and they were used to prevent the spread of diseases, maintaining houses and ships mouse-free.


These majestic cats resemble Maine Coons indicating they might be distant relatives. Yet, Norwegian Forest cats are unique among cats for their size and the quiet, calm demeanor.

They have strong muscles, and dense fur to keep them warm and dry on the cold oceanic adventures.

“If ever there was a cat built to match its environment, it is the Norwegian Forest Cat. It has developed over many years of natural selection into a breed able to survive the long harsh winters of Norway. – The Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA)


Wegies are affectionate and loving family members, friendly, independent, and outgoing. They are talkative, regularly meowing as though they are engaged in real conversation.

These fluffy kitties love to explore and they make for excellent climbers. These beautiful cats have a calm nature and usually, get along very well with humans and other pets.

They adapt incredibly well to the now, but inside, these cats are real cuddle bugs.

And who wouldn’t adore a cat that’s 75 percent fur?