North Carolina Restaurant Serving Tarantula-Topped Burgers

A restaurant in North Carolina offers its customers a burger with a tarantula on top!

Are you a gourmand? Do you enjoy food? Do you get excited every time you are about to try some exotic dish, something you have never tried before, a new taste, a newly created recipe?

If you think burgers can surprise you no more, think again! What do you think of one topped with a tarantula?

Yup, this sandwich exists, and it is not so far from you- in Bull City Burger and Brewery in Durham, North Carolina! This burger was created as one of their crazy concoctions included in their annual “Exotic Meats Month”.

Throughout the year, the restaurant offers its customers various unusual meats, such as camel, bison, alligator, python, venison, goat, caribou, turtle, reindeer, bugs, elk, yak, emu, kangaroo, etc.

April is the Exotic Meat Month, and it is seen as a chance for people to “experience tastes that other cultures enjoy every day”, to learn about new flavors, and “increase their cultural awareness”.

When it comes to the “Tarantula Challenge”, the tarantula on top of the $30 burger is served right down to all eight of its legs. Apart from the oven-roasted tarantula, the burger is made of beef, topped with gruyere cheese, and spicy chili sauce.

The restaurant makes only one such burger a day during this month, so those interested must enter a raffle, and if their name is drawn, they have 48 hours to claim your spot.

Those who can eat the entire sandwich get a special t-shirt as a reward to be used for proof later. People who have tried tarantula say that it resembles shellfish in taste.

So, would you try this burger or you find it too awkward and gross?

Many factors determine what certain culture regards as tasty or strange. First of all, the environment where we live and the animals that live there. Next, we must mention the family we live in, as well as the religious and cultural contexts.

Yet, just think about it.. do you think that our diet is something everyone on this planet sees as normal and delicious?

Billions of people out there would agree that we eat many crazy foods, they find them too salty or too sweet, or too cheesy, many wonder why our food is always packed in boxes..

This was just to prove a point.. What we think is “normal” is actually just “normal to us”.

So, don’t be surprised that someone would enjoy a dish of tarantula-topped burger in a blink of an eye, and comments that it is simply mouth-watering!

So, adventurous eaters, would you give this burger a try?