No One Came To Student’s Graduation—So His Teacher Took Him Out To Dinner And Bought Him A Car

Graduation day is very important for every student. It’s the crown to one’s success, an official ending of an important stage in the education process, a crucial milestone in life. Therefore, we all want to share this special moment with our special ones.

Yet, one Alabama teen was not that fortunate.

In mid-June, Dominique Moore, a teacher and graduation coordinator at Bessemer City High School, was tidying up after the ceremony, when he saw one of his students.

The student was sitting there all alone after everyone else had left. Moore said he knew his student well, so he knew something was wrong. When he asked about his family or friends, the boy just said that “nobody’s here.’’

Moore assured his student that everything is going to be okay, as he expects big things from him, and left. Yet, when he came back later, he saw that no one came to pick the boy up, as he expected.

He offered the student a lift. In the car, he asked him if he was hungry, and the teen suggested getting wings at a popular chain. Yet, Moore wanted to go to a special place.

The boy suggested the Cheesecake factory, as he has never been there. Dressed in his graduation cap, the teen enjoyed a shrimp basket with fries and Oreo cheesecake.

Moore had  also graduated from Bessemer City High School, and tried not to get too emotional during the meal, and didn’t ask any questions and wanted to make the boy feel appreciated for his accomplishments:

“Man, I couldn’t imagine graduating high school and my folks not being there. At that moment, I just wanted to celebrate him. It was an amazing time.”

Yet, he admitted to fighting back tears while having lunch. Hours after graduating, the boy got a job at Amazon. Moore drove him there as he had no means of transportation to his new workplace.

At the end of the day, on June 18, Moore posted the story onto Facebook, something he has never done before:

 “These situations are common to me and I handle them on my own. You don’t always have to show everybody or tell everybody when you do something but this one just didn’t sit well with me. I don’t know what it was.”

He added his Cash App account — $mooredaeducator — in the post, in case people wanted to help the teen.

More than $5,000 has been donated as of June 19.

After work, Moore took the boy to a bank to open a checking account. They put most of the money into a cashier’s check until they find reliable transportation for the teen.

Moore hopes the boy will save enough money to attend college in the future as well.

Nine days after he started the fundraiser, Moore said:

“I’m feeling amazing, that so many people would bless him in the way they have. He has received a great deal of funds which have been turned over to a financial advisor.

He is ecstatic. He was about to cry and I said, ‘No, you will not cry in front of me.”

They are both extremely grateful for other people’s generosity, and this virtuous teacher concluded that although “we have bad, in this moment it shows that mankind is good.”

What an amazing story!

Young boy, congratulations!

Mr. Moore, the world needs more people like you!