Nick Jonas And John Stamos Can’t Stop Trolling Each Other, And It’s Hilarious

Last year was the beginning of the brother-like romance of Nick Jonas and John Stamos, and ever since then, things had been burning up for them.

Stamos was the first to express his appreciation for the band on several occasions, and since then, things have started falling in.

This July, the Jonas Brothers have announced they will be ending their six-year break and sent a nostalgia wave to over twenty communities.

Now, as the Jonas Brothers are back, it seems that John Stamos is more than happy, even though you might not see him as a typical fan of the group. He has never shied away from showing love for the brothers, and he even shared the screen with Nick Jonas on Scream Queens.

Yet, the announcement stimulated a riotously trolling between the singer and Nick Jonas.

The 55-year-old actor has been seen repeatedly with a photographed Jo-Bros Merch, and last year, paparazzi caught him wearing a Vintage worn-out T-shirt of the band at a rehearsal for a 4th July concern with the Beach Boys in Washington D.C.

Moreover, he went public with his love for the Jonas Brothers by wearing one of their band t-shirts to the 2018 American Music Awards.

As a response, Nick Jonas was photographed wearing a hoodie with an image of Stamos wearing a Jonas Brother T-shirt with a caption “It’s your move.”

Stamos simply couldn’t allow such to go just down like that, so he shared a photo of where he was getting close to Jonas through a customized pillowcase. What’s more, the caption read:

“I had the craziest dream last night…” and gave a shout out to the band’s new #1 single ‘Sucker.”

In March, just when supporters thought Nick had won the battle, Stamos posted a photo of his new tattoo, Nick’s face! Fans asked: Is it real?!

The hilarious troll war between Nick Jonas and Stamos has fans laughing along, and they are eagerly waiting for the next reply: