Newborn Baby In London Becomes World’s Youngest Coronavirus Victim

Coronavirus remains a horror that terrifies the world over the last three months. The pandemic left people paralyzed out of fear, due to the infection’s fast speed of spreading.

Now, a newborn baby in England has officially become the youngest victim to test positive for the virus. The mother of the baby was rushed to hospital with suspected pneumonia, but her positive result was discovered only after the birth.

The mother and the baby are now treated at separate hospitals. The condition of the mother is much worse, so she was moved to a specialist infection hospital, while the baby remained at North Middlesex Hospital.

A newborn baby in England is the youngest victim to test positive for coronavirus globally

The baby is treated at the hospital where it was born, while the mother has been moved to a specialist infections hospital

When the doctors learned that the mother was positive for coronavirus, they tested the baby soon after it was born. They are now investigating whether it contracted the virus through the womb or during birth.

The North Middlesex university hospital NHS trust stated:

 “Two patients at North Middlesex university hospital have tested positive for coronavirus. One has been transferred to a specialist center and one is being treated in an isolation room.

The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority, so in following guidance from Public Health England, we are regularly deep cleaning the areas where the patients are cared for and staff who were in close contact with these patients were advised to self-isolate.”

In one day, over 200 people were infected by the virus, infections soar to around 800 with 11 fatalities in total

According to the guidelines by the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, healthy babies should not be separated from infected mothers and can be breastfed.

According to health officials, pregnant women and babies are at a low risk from coronavirus and are likely to develop mild symptoms only. The mortality rate curves among the elderly.

The body stated that “more severe symptoms such as pneumonia appear to be more common in older people, those with weakened immune systems or long-term conditions”, and there are “ no reported deaths of pregnant women from coronavirus “ so far.

In one day, the toll of the infection in the UK raised by over 200, with 11 fatalities in total.

Government officials in the UK warned the real number of infected people could be as high as 10,000

A man wearing a face mask on Edinburgh’s almost deserted Royal Mile

Europe is now the epicenter of the global virus crisis, and several European countries reported steep rises in infections and deaths.

To save lives, most countries decided to use aggressive measures, community mobilization, and social distancing.