Newborn Baby Girl Is Left With A Scar After Doctors Mistakenly Cut Her Face During C-Section

There is always a risk that things can go wrong during surgery, unfortunately. Yet, the case of a newborn baby girl in Russia has shocked the world!

The mother, Darya Kadochinkova, 19, planned a natural delivery, but doctors soon informed her that she will undergo a C-section. This was believed to be a safer option for the baby, who has changed the position in the womb.

However, during the cesarean section, doctors at a hospital in Russia’s Chelyabinsk Oblast region mistakenly cut the face of the baby and she has been left with a permanent scar on the cheek!

During a C-section, doctors mistakenly cut the cheek of the baby, so she has been left with a permanent scar 

The young woman explained that she had been sedated with intravenous anesthetic because epidural anesthesia didn’t work, and she could still feel the incision.

When she woke up and saw her daughter’s face, she was shocked!

Pictures show the baby with a cut next to her nose, beneath her right eye.

Russian media reported that the young mother was told that the baby “shouldn’t have moved too much” during the procedure.”

The mother, Darya Kadochinkova, 19, was told that she will be undergoing a C-Section, as a safer alternative for the baby

After the C-section, the mother was reported to have suffered from a high fever, but breastfed her daughter, even though she was taking antibiotics.

However, it was left unclear if she will be filing a case against the hospital.

It’s unclear if Kadochinkova will be filing a case against the hospital