New Trends In The World Of Healthy Foods

New industrial technologies and products were presented on the natural products fair held in Baltimore.The media chose three particularly interesting products which more often take place in the menu of people interested in better and healthier food.

Kale chips

If you like snacks, kale chips is much healthier alternative to the classic potato chips and can be easily prepared. This will satisfy your appetite for a while, without any worries about calories and fat and in the same time you will bring many nutrients in the body.

Chia seeds

Chia seed is rich in omega 3 fatty acids and contains more proteins than any other seeds. This type of seed is rich in antioxidants, calcium and iron and contains many vitamins and minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins A, E, D and B. It is great in regulating your body weight, strengthens your hair, skin and reduces blood cholesterol level. You can add it in salads, sauces or simply mixed with other cereals or yogurt.

Greek yoghurt

Mostly because of its positive qualities, more and more people interested in healthier lifestyle replace regular yogurt with Greek yogurt. The main difference between these two types of yogurts is the thickness of the Greek yogurt which contains twice as much proteins as the regular yogurt. This yogurt can be classified between plain yogurt and sour milk.