New Study Claims Taking a Hot Bath is The Equivalent Calorie-Wise Of A 30-Min Walk

How often do you enjoy a hot bath? Do you exercise? Latest research has shown that hot soaks help you burn more calories than doing a cardio.

A group of researchers at Loughborough University tried to determine the impact of hot water. The participants in this study were asked to take one-hour bath (104 degrees Fahrenheit), and then they rode a bicycle for an hour.

Obviously, riding a bicycle helps you burn more calories. Well, here comes the big surprise. Researchers found that taking a hot bath burns 130 calories which is the same number of calories you burn when taking a 30-minute walk. Can you believe it?

Passive heating has a beneficial effect on your overall health. A 2015 study published in the JAMA Internal Medicine found that spending time in saunas helps you prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Here are some more benefits of hot soaks:

1. Better sleep

Add some lavender essential oil to your hot bath, and you will sleep like a baby. Are you exhausted after swimming? Experts at Natural Sleep Medicine explain that it’s all about the changes in your body temperature, adding that hot soaks have the same effect.

2. Sinusitis

There’s nothing worse than colds and allergies. Enjoy a hot soak to relieve the symptoms of colds and allergies. The hot steam will loosen your mucus, and bath salts will give you even more benefits.

3. Better circulation

Hot baths are good for your sore muscles and circulation. If you don’t have time for a hot soak, just make yourself a cup of hot tea. Drink herbal teas for added health benefits. Ginger tea is great, and it works best when combined with honey and lemon juice.

4. Sore muscles

Hot soaks are great for everyone, including those who recover from injuries. High temperatures reduce tension and stimulate the flow of blood (lowering lactic acid buildups). According to Medical News Today, hot baths are great for patients dealing with chronic joint pain.

5. Better breathing

Enjoy a hot bath if your nose is clogged. It improves the function of your lungs. Hot water adds pressure to the chest, forcing the body to get more oxygen. For optimal results, soak in chest deep hot water.

Hopefully, you have more reasons to enjoy a hot bath once in a while. Do your own research, and upgrade your hot soak. Use essential oils, herbs or pretty much anything that makes you feel great.