New Flying V-Plane Gets Test Flight This Year And Could Change Air Travel Forever

Climate changes should no longer be ignored. What can we do to stop this? There has to be a way to reduce the carbon footprint. The aircraft industry has offered a solution. Companies are trying to reduce fuel emissions.

The Flying-V Plane is the latest invention of these companies. It burns 20% less fuel than regular planes, and will launch later this year.

The V plane was designed by a group of researchers at Delft University in the Netherlands. The project was supported by KLM, and we may see these planes in the sky really soon.

These planes have the same wingspan as regular planes, but passengers seats are placed in the wings. In other words, the V plane will carry up to 314 passengers.

Peter Elbers, the KLM chief executive, said that by reducing the carbon footprint we can also reduce fuel costs. This project is a pioneer in the sector of “sustainable aviation initiatives.”

Peter Vink, professor of Applied Ergonomics and Design at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering took part in the project, and provided some details of the design. According to him, flying will be more comfortable, and passengers will be offered some new opportunities when it comes to resting and eating. They are also ready to offer food from a buffet.

The scale model of the Flying-V plane will be tested in October 2019. It will be flown at low speed, and if things work good, they will carry out more tests.