Never Ignore The Pain In This Parts Of The Body: It Can Cost You A Life!

Pain is the mechanism of the body to indicate that there is a problem that needs to be solved.

Yet, people often ignore these signs and thus aggravate the state.

This does not mean that you definitely suffer from some health issues, as sometimes the pain is not a symptom of something serious, but in case the pain lasts for more than a week, you should visit your doctor and check it.


Remember to never ignore the pain in the following body parts:

Kidneys – The pain felt in the pelvis, thighs, lower back, and lower abdomen usually indicate issues with the kidneys.

Stomach and pancreas – Abdominal pain and back pain felt in the area of the pancreas and stomach is an evident symptom of issues with the pancreas or stomach. Even half of the people with chronic pancreatitis experience a severe pain in the back.

Ovary – In the case of inflammation of the ovaries, a person may feel pain in the frontal part of the abdominal area, of the both sides. A stabbing and intense pain in the area of the ovaries may indicate cysts.

Black liver and gall bag– Pain in the neck or upper shoulders, especially if appears frequently on the right side, may be a sign of issues with the gall-bag or the liver.  The pain may also occur in the back of the diaphragm.

Bladder – Pain in the lower pelvic area may be a sign of bladder problems.

Lungs and diaphragm – Pain in the neck and upper shoulders may indicate lung issues.

Small intestine – Issues in the small intestine are manifested with pain in the area around the navel. In this case, you should consult your doctor immediately.

Large intestine and cecum – Pain in the right part of the abdominal area may be a sign of cecum issues, and colon or rectum problems may often lead to the pain felt in the central lower abdomen. Make sure you visit your doctor immediately, as this may be a serious health issue.

Heart – Pain in the chest or in the right side may indicate certain cardiovascular problems. This may also lead to pain on the left body side, as these issues are linked t other body parts which send impulses, such as the spinal cord.

You should never ignore the pain felt in these body areas, as it may be an early sign of some serious health issue, and the early detection often leads to improvements and effective treatment of the health problem.