Never Eat These Foods For Breakfast

As you all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Moreover, this meal provides the energy your organism needs, so be careful about the food you eat early in the morning. Which foods should you avoid for breakfast?

Ham, Bacon And Sausages

Processed meat contains nitrates that increase the chances of colon cancer. Double-baked bread, some cheese and a boiled egg is far better and recommended alternative.

couple at breakfast

Chocolate Or Sweetened Cereal

Some of the cereals you see in stores are full of carbohydrates and sugar. Blood sugar level increases immediately, and reduces even more rapidly after you consume these kind of cereals. If you do not want your energy level down at the very beginning of the day, choose whole-grain cereals, without any sugar added, rich in fiber and protein. You can add some ground flax seeds or walnuts.

Red, green, yellow and orange cereal fruit on white dish

Dough, Doughnuts, Pastry

Besides the fact these foods are made of refined white flour, they are also rich in sugar, considered as the worst fuel in the morning. Rapid growth and decrease of blood sugar level will make you feel hungry earlier, which is an excellent way to increase the chances of gaining excess weight and diabetes.

Light Yoghurt

This kind of yoghurt is often full of artificial sweeteners and substances that are far from being nutritious. It is better to choose the regular variation of this dairy product.


Muffins are full of oil, sugar and white flour.