This is Why You Need a Himalayan Salt Lamp in Your Home!

When it comes to food, salt enriches its taste. However, despite this use, it can also do wonders for our health.

One of the purest forms of salt is Himalayan pink salt, which has a delicious taste, and great health benefits, like blood pressure regulation, and bone strengthening.

What’s more, you do not need to consume it in order to reap its numerous benefits, but only its presence near you may treat migraines, insomnia, and allergies.

Therefore, you do not need to sprinkle this salt all around the house in order to use it as a natural medicine, but you can use it in a more sophisticated way- as a lamp.

According to G.S. Rahi, associate professor of Physical Science at Fayetteville State University:

“As all living systems (including human beings) are bio-electric in nature, the electrically charged particles affect the way we feel and act.”

“In a natural setting, a balance of positive and negative ions contributes to one’s sensations and perceptions. Atmospheric ions can affect health, well-being, efficiency, emotions, and mental attitude of human beings.”

He states that such a lamp in the house can have miraculous effects on the harmful positive ions.

These lamps have been confirmed to raise the energy levels and enhance concentration by other experts as well. Consequently, the use of Himalayan salt lamps in the home and office is an incredibly beneficial thing.

Despite all these advantages, these lumps are also an environmentally- friendly source of light. They are lit by candles, unlike other lamps which use low wattage light bulbs. Also, at the present rate of mining, it is estimated that the reserves of Himalayan pink salt will last another 350 years.

Therefore, do not hesitate and try to find such a salt lamp to purchase ad start enjoying its benefits right away!

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