Nearly 500,000 People Promising To “Storm” Area 51 “They Can’t Stop Us All”

“Area 51” has attracted so much attention these days, and there’s even an event calling people to storm the secret military base located in Nevada.

A million people have responded to the “call,” promising to storm “Area 51.” Another half million says they are “interested” in attending the event.

What’s the main idea behind this event? It’s just an initiative triggered by curious people who want to know more about the compound. Do they know that curiosity killed the cat? It’s not like something is going to kill them, but the whole thing may trigger an avalanche of negative reactions and even stampede.

These guys promised to meet on Sept. 20, and they are even excited about storming the military base. The event attracted media members, and the organizer sort of panicked. According to him, it was just a joke. Well, some people are pretty serious about the storming part.

Jackson Barness wrote a post to tell everybody it was just a joke, adding that he never intended to go ahead with the plan. Barness thought it would be funny if he pulls out something like this. He was probably looking for likes.

The Australian citizen even said that he won’t be responsible if people actually decide to storm the military base. I think it’s too late for that. There are so many shady people out there, and you never know what their plans are.

The joke may turn into a serious thing and even a national issue. Many people are excited about the plan, and some of them said they are going anyway. Are they serious? The guards will be super busy on September 20th.

Some sources reveal that area 51 is a facility where our government keeps alien technology. It all started with the recent Netflix piece, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.