Naughty Pet Cat Tries To Stop His Owner From Doing Her Homework By ‘Seizing’ Her Pen

Zai, a seven-month-old American shorthair from China, does his best to distract his best friend while the girl is doing her homework.

Most kids find homework difficult or boring to complete. Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way, and one adorable kitten proves it! This naughty cat manages to make doing homework much more challenging!

Footage reveals the moment a little girl from China tries to concentrate on her homework, but her naughty cat is constantly distracting her.

The 7-month-old American shorthair, named Zai Zai, tries to grab her pen while lying on the table!

After spending 5 months together, the pair have been inseparable, and according to the mother of the girl, the cat never leaves his best friend alone.

  • A seven-month-old American shorthair in China, Zai Zai, keeps lying on the desk and playing with his best friend’s pen, while the girl is trying to do her homework

  • The girl struggles to concentrate, but the naughty American shorthair is determined to distract her by any means necessary

The mother filmed the cute video while she was helping the daughter with the homework in Jiangsu Province, eastern China. The naughty pet decided it was time for fun instead!

While the kid is doing the homework, while lying on the desk, the cat tries to grab the pen, over and over again. He even bit it to make the girl stop writing.

The mother shared the video online and wrote:

‘One doesn’t like studying and the other doesn’t let [her] study.’

  • The parent of the girl filmed the entire scene while she was helping her daughter with homework at their home in Jiangsu Province of eastern China

  • The girl and the pet has been inseparable for five months now since a friend gave the cat to the kid as a present

The mother explained:

“My daughter had always wanted a cat, so my friend bought her one as a present. The cat would watch her do homework and they would sleep together sometimes.”

Yet, she was surprised that the clip became trending on Douyin, the Chinese equivalent of TikTok:

“I just thought it was funny and filmed it casually. I didn’t think so many people would enjoy it as well.”

  • The child and her pet cat like sleeping and playing together

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