Natural Remedy For Cysts With Stunning Effect !

Long time ago, there was a saying that one is not a good landlord if he does not have a houseleek (Sempervivum) in his house.

Folk medicine experts say that this herb is amazingly beneficial for the overall health, and the combination with honey can help you treat cysts, especially in the breasts and the female reproductive system.



Here is a link from where you can bye Houseleek: Hens & Chicks 200 Seeds -- Semperviven -- Perennial


Put the ingredients in a jar and stir well for a few minutes, or until you get a homogenous mixture. Leave the jar for seven days, and stir it at least two times during that period.


After seven days, consume a tablespoon of the mixture, three times a day -- in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Do not skip a dose, use it regularly, because experts say it is really beneficial for the whole body, especially in cases of cysts, as witnessed by many women.

It is easy to prepare, so we recommend you to try it. The ingredients do not have any side-effects, unless you are allergic to honey.