Native American Tea Cures Cancer. Kept Secret for Over 100 Years

How would you react if you were told that a simple cheap 4-ingredient herbal tea can be miraculously healing, and can even cure cancer and AIDS?

Essiac tea was introduced in Canada during the early 1920’s and it was practiced by a humble nurse, Rene Caisse (pronounced Reen Case) for half a century in various kinds of treatments.

The ingredients and recipe of this miraculous tea came originally from an Ojibway Native American medicine man in remote northern Canada. However, the name is related to this decent nurse that used it. Essiac, was derived from spelling her surname -Caisse backwards.

The nurse effectively treated and cured terminal cancer patients at her clinic in the tiny Canadian village of Bracebridge, north of Toronto.

Initially, her treatments cost as much as patients could give, an egg, or two, and various products, and rejected none. After 1937, her services were made absolutely free, she accepted no fees!

Therefore, her reward for her successful treatments was only the health of the patients. Eventually, she was even tormented by the Canadian Health Ministry, and betrayed by a private corporation while she tried to legalize this tea as a cancer cure.

Essiac’s Origin

In 1922, when Rene worked as an RN in a Canadian hospital, she had an elderly patient who had survived breast cancer 30 years earlier and was living with her husband in remote northern Canadian mining camp at that time.

She claimed that her breasts should have been removed, but she rejected the surgery and returned to her husband. In the area where they lived, she had earlier come upon an Ojibway medicine man who promised that he could cure her cancer.

When she returned home, she asked him to help her, and he revealed the mixture of herbs she needed to use and how to prepare the healing tea. Following his instructions, she succeeded to cure her cancer and lived happily for another three decades.

Rene was vividly interested in this tea, as her aunt and step father had cancer at the time. Her patient gave her all information on the preparation of the tea. Thus, the nurse tried and cured the members of her family who were affected by this serious disease.

Afterwards, Rene decided to help all cancer- patients she came across. Her treatments were so effective, that in 1933 the small town of Bracebridge allowed her to use the defunct British Lion Hotel as a clinic for virtually no rent, one dollar per month.

There, she continued her work from 1934 to 1942, and treated hundreds of patients, in most cases, for free. Rene started cultivating the needed herbs for the tea, brewed the tea in the kitchen, and administered it both orally and by injection.

Yet, during this period of her flourishing work, she was constantly in the center of controversy and harassment from Canadian authorities. If she didn’t have the support from Bracebridge’s Town Council, several prestigious doctors, and her numerous cured patients, she would have been imprisoned.

Moreover, one of her patients was cured of both cancer and diabetes, and the latter surprised even her!

However, enjoying the support of these people, since 1937, this nurse was allowed to treat cancer under certain conditions, and of course, she accepted them all. Namely, she needed to treat only terminally ill patients, using an established medical doctor for prognosis and diagnosis, and she wasn’t allowed to accept any fees for her treatments.

Being tormented for more than 5 decades, Rene stated: “I never dreamed of the opposition and the persecution that would be my lot in trying to help suffering humanity with no thought of personal gain.”

Popularity in the USA

The work of Rene gave fantastic results, and she has cured numerous cancer patients. However, the remarkable tea still remained unknown to the public.

Caisse tried to get it out into the public light in 1977, a year before her death, by making a deal with a company called Resperin. She hoped they will legalize it, but at the end, after the agreement, she was told she was no longer needed.

However, this company was governed by the Canadian government and medical authorities, so the future of the tea seemed dark.

At the same time, a famous California chiropractor who specialized in treating world class athletes of all types, Dr. Gary Glum, became interested in the tea, as he has heard of its efficacy and healing qualities. Therefore, he started his research on the Essiac tea.

After some time, he met a person in Detroit who has been cured with Essiac, after he has been diagnosed with an incurable cervical cancer. Gary bought the formula of the tea from her, and went to Canada to interview Mary McPhearson. She was an assistant to Nurse Caisse before she died in 1978, as well as her close personal friend.

After the interview and after the authenticity of the formula he had bought was confirmed, he decided to write a book. He discovered important information about Rene Caisse and her work and it was enough to start writing the” Calling of an Angel”. The book explained the life of the nurse Rene Caisse, as well as the recipe of the tea, which has been distributed throughout the world.

As the book itself, as well as the formula of this powerful tea, represented a threat for the cancer industry, Gary Glum also faced some unpleasant attitudes. Therefore, he published his book by his own.

There was the danger of slam dunk wrongful death lawsuits on publishers since Essiac was not FDA approved, so no publisher would risk publishing it.

His second book, Full Disclosure, reveals the true source of AIDS as being a human product, due to the depopulation agenda. His two books actually endangered him and he was also harassed by US Marshals and almost completely financially ruined by bogus IRS claims. Furthermore, a  Naval Intelligence operative later even threatened his life and the lives of his family if he continued publishing his two books.

Nowadays, very few of his books are still available, but you can read them online in summarized pdf versions. In 1999, Dr. Glum was interviewed on the effect of Essiac in the case of AIDS, and he claimed:

“I also worked with the AIDS Project Los Angeles . . . . They had sent 179 patients home to die. They all had pneumocystis carinii and histoplasmosis. Their weight was down to about 100 pounds. Their T-4 cell counts were less than ten.The Project gave me five of these patients. I took them off the AZT and the DDI and put them on Essiac three times a day. Those are the only ones alive today. The other 174 are dead. But this information is not being disseminated either, because AIDS is on the horizon as another big moneymaker.”

The Essiac tea was also practiced by Dr. Glum, and it proved effective in several cases. Namely, he treated one young boy with a virulent form of terminal leukemia, and it recovered completely due to his treatment with this tea! Nevertheless, the boy died later from heart failure, which was found to be an effect of the previous treatments!

In the period of research for info needed for his book, Gary Glum met Dr. Charles A. Brusch, who was a personal physician for the late President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Brusch also ran a cancer clinic in Boston, MA, where Rene worked in the period from 1959 to 1962.

Dr. Brusch treated both his own cancer and Ted Kennedy’s son’s incurable cancer successfully with the Essiac tea. However, he was ordered to keep quiet or he was threatened to end up in prison for the rest of his life.

Of course, publicly, since his words are documented in the book Calling of an Angel:

The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely prove Essiac to be a cure for cancer. All studies done in four laboratories in the United States and one more in Canada fortify this claim.”

As soon as Rene Caisse died, her home was ransacked and her records were burnt by authorities. Fortunately, her friend Mary McPherson had saved some, as well as the ingredients of the tea, and a series of autobiographical articles by Nurse Caisse had become public record.

Nevertheless, due to the hard work by Dr. Glum, this tea has not remained a secret, and the ingredients and caveats concerning this miraculous tea are now known to the public.


The recipe of the Essiac tea has been developed into a 6 and 8- herb recipes, but still, the original 4- herb version remains as a staple. Since the late 1920s, this tea has cured numerous patients.

You can brew your won Essiac tea, from its ingredients, which can sometimes be packaged individually, or pre-mixed into one bag.

  • 1/4 pound of slippery elm bark (powdered)
  • 1 ounce of Turkish rhubarb root (powdered)
  • 6 1/2 cups of burdock root (cut)
  • 1 pound of sheep sorrel herb (powdered)

These amounts make 8 quarts or 2 gallons of the tea, and if you cut them in half, you will get one gallon of tea.

According to some, you need to mix all the ingredients well before placing them in water, store the dry herbal mix in a glass jar in a dark dry place, and take out one ounce per 32 ounces of water (one quart) at a time.

Nevertheless, you need to boil the herbs hard without a lid for 10 minutes, or even 20, as some believe; then, cover with a lid and steep over night on the stove. The next morning, heat it up to steaming hot (not boiling), then let it settle and pour it into glass or ceramic containers.

Note that you need to use stainless steel or cast iron pots for boiling, and glass or ceramic containers for storing the prepared tea. The containers should be stored in a dark cool place until first used.

After opening, refrigerate it. Before consumption, you can warm it up, or you can add some hot water to it.

The dosage depends on the condition that should be treated. Use 2 ounces daily in the case of poor immune function. Depending on the severity of the ailment, increase the frequency up to 3 times daily with up to 3 ounces each time.

This tea can be even used in combination with other cancer treatments, such as allopathic drugs.

Nevertheless, the treatments of cancer or AIDS should be holistically- based, and this means that the patients should avoid any toxic substances, either from medicines, foods, household, cosmetic items, and even avoid toxic thinking as much as possible.

Furthermore, it is highly advisable that the patient eats organic foods, avoids meat, gets as much sunshine as possible and consumes Vitamin D and C supplementation.

Remember, the use of this amazing tea while you have made no alteration of your old way of life and you indulge in your old lifestyle habits that were probably one of the reasons for the disease, will not give the expected results.


The most important aspect in the preparation of the Essiac tea is the quality of the ingredients. Rene Caisse never compromised on the ingredients, and she could be stubborn about mixing protocols as well!

Dr. Glum has explained that some providers are using irradiated herbs and even replacing sheep sorrel herbs, with curly dock, a weed similar to red sorrel. This practice will undoubtedly affect the efficacy of the tea, as it has been laboratory tested and proven that sheep sorrel is the actual cancer cell killer in Essiac Tea.

Moreover, it is crucial that you use only the listed ingredients, as their combination will turn into an immune booster and blood purifier.

Also, note that Rene Caisse used the whole sheep sorrel weed, roots and all, as she found that the roots are essential for sheep sorrel’s efficacy.

There is no doubt that it is much easier and cheaper to harvest the leaves and leave the roots of the herb to grow more leaves. Due to this, many Essiac herbal or ready- made kinds of tea use only the leaves of sheep sorrel.

Moreover, be careful if you order via commercial overland courier services, as there is a strong chance of irradiation, especially if coming from another country.

This can be an issue when ordering Turkish rhubarb root, which is not naturally indigenous to America. However, there is a possibility of getting Turkish rhubarb root cultivated in North America, as well as the powdered sheep sorrel complete with roots.

There are cases in which patients have been completely cured by the consumption of this tea, some which have survived cancer, and a few have cured AIDS as well. Also, numerous people have improved their overall health by using Essiac Tea as an immune boosting tonic. However, there are some which felt little or no effect from Essiac.

The most reasonable explanation is that the efficacy of the tea varies due to the herb quality issue. There is no doubt that the original, proper high quality 4 herb mixture has been effective on cancer, AIDS, and diabetic patients.


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