Most People Fail – But Can You Find The Dog in This Picture?

Many people are fascinated by mysteries, riddles, brain teasers, and puzzles, and optical illusions seem to be the optimal way to challenge the senses and the mind. They remind us that things often appear different than they truly are and that the best things are often hidden from us.

John Krantz, a sensory psychologist at Hanover College in Indiana, says:

“Our sensory systems are amazing. We think we’re taking in the world as it is and missing all the complexity behind what it takes to make that happen.”

However, time spent on puzzle-solving has numerous benefits, such as improved memory, productivity, and problem-solving skills, enhanced visual-spatial reasoning, increased IQ and delayed dementia and Alzheimer’s, reduced stress and improved mood.

Visual puzzles are challenging and amusing at the same time, so why don’t you try this one? At first glance, you see an empty park in the photo, with a shady tree, a bench, and a walkway.

However, there is a dog hidden in it! Can you spot it?

Did you succeed to find it?

If not, we’ll help a bit:

If you still cannot see the doggie, take a look at this cropped photo:

If you weren’t able to see it, we have circled the pup for you now: