Moment Gorilla Gently Tries To Coax Injured Bird To Fly After It Lands In Its Zoo Enclosure

Footage shows a large gorilla while trying to help an injured bird as it lands in its enclosure.

Life in the animal kingdom is tough. Therefore, animals often help each other, most commonly if they are closely related, or live together.  Scientists believe this is based on self-preservation, as they identify as members of the same group.

However, many stories prove that animals actually have strong altruistic tendencies. The moment a gorilla jumped across its enclosure to help an injured bird melted the hearts of many!

The video shows the moment the huge gorilla approaches the wounded bird while it is laying on the grass.

  • The gorilla, pictured, spotted the stricken bird in its enclosure in a New South Wales zoo

  • The gorilla, pictured, spent around a minute tending to the stricken bird

The gorilla picks the bird up after a few moments examining the animal closely on the ground. After a few moments, the gorilla gently grasps the bird, and gently pushes it forward, evidently trying to make the bird fly, and help it flap its wings again!

Yet, after about a minute, the primate gave up and walked away. It is believed that the bird hit the glass around the enclosure and knocked itself out.

The witness who recorded the video said that she was amazed by the way the large gorilla treated the bird.

She added:

“It walked over to the bird and tried very gently to get the bird to fly away. When the bird didn’t fly away, the gorilla walked away without ever harming it. “


  • Visitors to the zoo were amazed at the way the gorilla tended to the bird