Mom Turns Heads When She Brings A 4-Month-Old On Board Flight And Starts Handing Out Baggies

A thoughtful mother wanted to ensure that her baby won’t disturb other passengers on the plane and thought of the nicest way to make their flight enjoyable.

Many people find flights stressful, so they need their peace and silence while on the plane to be able to enjoy it and avoid fears. On the other hand, being on the airplane can be equally nerve-racking for parents of small children.

Kids know how to mess it up in a very bad moment, especially when you are way off the ground and surrounded by strangers. Even a “perfect baby” can sometimes become real trouble!

A woman experienced those things and decided she must do something to fix it. She took a flight with her baby, and not just short- distance one, but to the other side of the world.

She was worried about the possibility that her baby would disturb the other passengers. Therefore, she got a fantastic idea- she decided to give them some gifts and they were touched by the gesture!

On February 12 last year, Dave Corona was flying from Seoul, South Korea to San Francisco, USA. The flight was packed and he was going to be on the plane for 10 hours. Among them all, there was a four-month-old baby.

The expectations were, of course, that the baby will do at least a little fussing, considering the length of the flight. It never came across Dave’s mind that he will be gifted a small bag with some treats from the mother of the baby.

Inside the bag, there were some Korean candies and earplugs.

The note included encourages sympathy and understanding:

 “Hello, I’m Junwoo and I’m 4 months old. Today I’m going to the U.S. with my mom and grandma to see my aunt. I’m a little bit nervous and scared because it’s my first flight in my life, which means that I may cry or make too much noise.

 I will try to go quietly, though I can’t make any promises. Please excuse me. So my mom prepared little goodie bags for you! It has some candies and earplugs. Please use it when it’s too noisy because of me. Enjoy your trip. Thank you. :)”

All passengers were positively surprised! It’s not common for parents to be this concerned about everybody else’s comfort.

Dave was working as a cameraman for a TV station, KGO, in San Francisco.

He took many pictures of the gift bag, the note, and the mother with the baby, and shared them on Facebook. The post went viral. People were thrilled by the gesture and asked if he needed to use the earplugs.

Despite all the worries, the baby was calm and made no noises, and slept almost the whole time. This impressed people even more!