Mom Perfectly Describes Son’s Brain During Puberty, And It’s Something Every Parent Should Read

Puberty is a big deal, and many parents struggle to show their kids the right way. Some children have hard time accepting the changes in their puberty. Kids become frustrated, angry, and even aggressive.  One mother has an excellent advice that will hopefully help parents across the globe.

The 11-year-old boy was going through some sudden changes, and the mom was really, really worried. She consulted a mom group online to find a solution for their problem.

Her question was simple. She asked mothers with similar problems about their ways of treating the problem. She wanted to tell her lovely son that the way he talks to her makes her run away from him. The poor mom didn’t want to disappoint her son, and had already told him that bad attitude is unacceptable.

It’s a hard situation, and almost every child goes through it. Dealing with teenagers is one of the toughest challenges parents deal with.

One of the moms had the perfect response. She started her answer by explaining that puberty changes cute little boys into sweet, angry, disrespectful young proto-men who roll their eyes constantly.

The mom told the poor lady that she has to talk to her son in specific setting. She even advised her to drive the boy somewhere. In this way kids can’t walk away, right? Smart game!

The talk should be informative and educational. The boy needs to understand that puberty changes his body and brain. The brain grows and changes rapidly. The worried mom was encourage to admit that she had let her son down by not preparing him for the new phase of his life. Yes, she has to offer an apology, too.

Teenagers get tired easily because they turn into adults. This tiredness makes them cranky and impatient. Kids end up being frustrated and angry.

The woman had already had this conversation with her son, and the boy started crying at this “stage” of the talk. In puberty, emotions go out of control, and anger becomes teenagers’ best friend.

The frontal cortex is the last part of the brain to get reshaped. This part helps you make good decisions and understand the consequences of their actions. That’s why teenagers get angry, but can’t regulate their anger and other emotions.

Teenagers have to accept and recognize the changes. It’s their brain after all. Teenagers will realize their mistake, and they have to apologize.

The mom was encouraged to ask her son about all the things he thinks about. She needs to talk to him. That’s the only way to get through the tough phase.

Parents have to be more patient and open. Kids needs to be more patient and open, too. It’s a complex process, and we all go through it. We owe our kids an explanation, and it’s our job to keep them on the right track.

Kids build their own personality, but they always need our help. You can’t just walk away and leave your kid with its “demons.” It’s time to sit down and talk. Oh, yes, it’s time to drive somewhere and talk. Good luck!