Mom Of 5 Who Survived Leukemia Battle To Give Birth To Healthy Twins Has Died – Rest In Peace, Susie

The love of a mother cannot be described with words. She would do anything to ensure the health and wellbeing of her children.

The story of a mom from Southern California, who struggled to give birth to her twins while battling leukemia, has melted millions of hearts back in 2018.

Now, it was reported that the courageous Susie Rabaca, a mother of five, has passed away, surrounded by her loved ones.

When Susie was weeks away from giving birth to her twins, an appeal was made to find a donor for a bone-marrow transplant to help treat her leukemia.

A record-breaking number of people signed up to help, but she needed a 100% match. Her mixed heritage aggravated the situation and lowered the odds of finding a suitable donor, but she eventually succeeded!

In December 2018, she gave birth to a set of healthy twins, Ryan and Rainey.

Unfortunately, the cancer was too aggressive and she needed a second transplant. It eventually led to her death.

Rabaca’s mother, Yvette Bielma, wrote a heartfelt post:

 “Hi, family and friends. Today is the worst day of my life. My heart is breaking more and more by the second. I am devastated to have to announce that my precious daughter Susie went to be with her Heavenly Father this morning. First off, I want to thank everyone who has followed Susie’s journey. Your love and support from all over the world have meant more to our family than I can put into words.”

According to Bielma:

“She fought until she had nothing left to give.

Susie’s story touched so many people and thousands of lives will be saved because of her. My daughter did not lose her battle. She won! She is a warrior! 

She inspired over 100,000 people to join Be The Match. So many people found donors because of her.”

Rest in peace, you brave and inspiring woman!

Everyone interested can help the family and support the future education of Rabaca’s children by donating on their GoFundMe page.

Rabaca’s mother explained:

“This would help our family tremendously as we try to navigate our new normal without my beautiful daughter and will help us give Susie the funeral she deserves. Please donate if you can, but either way please pray for our family. Our hearts are broken.”