Mom Goes To Buy Parts For Son’s Walker, Home Depot Sends Her Away And Says ‘Come Back In 1 Hour’ – Video

Sometimes, we can make huge changes with small steps.

Earlier this week, a couple, Christian and Justin Moore, went to the Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia, to build a walker for their 2-year-old son Logan, who was born with hypotonia.

This condition makes it difficult to build strong muscle mass and affects his motor skills, so he had difficulties to walk and stand. He wears braces on the feet to assist with mobility.

As a result, his physical therapist suggested that he get a gait trainer, but his parents feared that their insurance would not cover it, or it would take too long to get one. On the other hand, a mobility walker can cost upward of $600.

Therefore, they found instructional videos on how to build a walker out of PVC pipe on YouTube and went to this home goods store to buy the tools and materials they would need.

After explaining their intention to the employees, the store manager, Cathy Ennsley,  joined them as well.

Cathy has a daughter with special needs, so she was especially compassionate and empathetic, and had several of her coworkers meet the parents of the adorable 2-year-old in the plumbing aisle.

The employees reviewed the construction plans and told the Moore family that they will put it together without charging them for it. Instead, they advised them to get ice cream and come back in an hour.

When they returned, they were stunned to see that the Home Depot employees had assembled a brand new walker for Logan and it even featured his name across the front.

Logan’s mother struggled not to cry after seeing what had these people done for her son, as it hasn’t been an easy road for him.

Later, one of the employees, Jeffrey Anderson, posted photos of the heartwarming exchange to social media, thanking everyone that helped, and admitting that they were all crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face.

This local Home Depot truly applied their slogans like “more saving, more doing” and “you can do it… we can help” to real life! Amazing!