Mom Gives Birth To Rare Identical Spontaneous Quadruplets: “It’s Unbelievable”

Becoming a parent is the most beautiful feeling in the world. Being told that you’ll welcome more than one baby at once is amazing!

But can you imagine being told that you are about to get four of them? Well, this happened to Jenny,35, and Chris Marr, when they went for the first ultrasound exam in November.

The initially become worried when they saw the strange look on the face of their doctor, so the mother asked if there was a problem:

“I was like, ‘Oh no, there’s no heartbeat.’ And, she’s like, ‘No, there is a heartbeat.’ She goes, ‘Y’all, there’s three babies in there.’ And we were just absolutely floored.” 

A week later, when they went for a follow-up appointment at a maternal-fetal medicine specialist, the technician was even more puzzled!

Jenny explains that she was very cute, and said that she was not supposed to say that, but they “got four babies”!


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Born at 28 weeks and 4 days the Marr quads arrived on March 15th. It was 5 weeks earlier than we had expected, and I was so worried that we would spend such a long time in the hospital. We had the most amazing nurses and doctors during our NiCU and Special Care stay. We made friends that will last a lifetime. Having babies during a global pandemic has been quite the experience. Everyone at Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas made us and our babies top priority for care and safety. I only hope that one day I can hug each of them and say thank you. Thank you for getting our sweet preemie babies into the world safely, for believing in them that they could exceed all expectations of such preterm babies. We never heard bad news, we never really had to worry, we welcomed into the world 4 healthy incredible babies. And now after just under 2 months they are all home. Thank you everyone for your prayers and love during this time. Now onto the next adventure of having them home and raising them into wonderful little men. We hope you’ll all continue on this journey with us. My sweet first babe, Zeke, I promise you that we are done bringing home babies. You are going to be so busy helping take care of these baby birds. You’re already so curious and worried and it is just the sweetest thing. #marrquads #themarrthemerrier #quadsquad #quadgoals #quadboys #identicalquads #identicalboys #goodnews #somegoodnews #somegoodnewswithjohnkrasinski @johnkrasinski @somegoodnews #identicalquadrupletboys #nicunursesrock #globalpandemic #coronababies #brothers

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Both of the parents were only children and did not have a history of multiple births in their families. Therefore, they were shocked.

Chris said:

“I made the joke that I am not coming back because there are going to be five babies next time. We were just shocked.

It’s unbelievable. It’ll never happen again in my career. I said, ‘Girl, go buy a few lottery tickets because those are the kind of odds we’re dealing with.”

According to their doctor, Murray, an OB-GYN at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas, it is “a miracle”, as identical, spontaneous quadruplet births occur in 1 in 11 million or 1 in 15 million births”.

They found only 72 cases of it in published literature.

The future parents got scared when they learned that all the babies shared one placenta, and “the risk was that one of the babies can develop stronger and basically take away from the other babies.”

Murray added that, thankfully, everything went well, “here were no incidents on the sonogram even leading up to that where we were worried that one of them, or two or three of them, would be significantly smaller.”


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Happy Easter from our family to yours! Our sweet little bunnies were made possible today with the help of a bunch of our amazing nurses today. Everyone stepped into get adorable pictures as quickly as possible so our little guys wouldn’t get cold. Our first family holiday together. Praise Jesus and his everlasting gift to us. We are an incredibly blessed family for so many reasons. The boys health is a praise we thank Him for everyday. Note: Yes our masks are off for a picture. It was quick and I’m pretty sure we didn’t breathe at all with them off. #themarrthemerrier #marrquads #nicunursesrock #quadgoals #preemiebunnies #babybunnies #babybirds #happyeaster #heisrisen @todayshow @todayparents

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Yet, giving birth to all of them in a time of pandemic became their next fear. Hospitals across the country were changing their policies due to the coronavirus crisis. Plus, when Marr was 28.5 weeks pregnant, labor started.

She said that “for the first time (during my pregnancy) I anticipated the worst.

However, on March 15, Marr, her husband, and mother all watched as the doctors at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas pulled their babies out.

In only three minutes, the world welcomed identical quadruplets Harrison Foy, Henry William, Hudson Perry, and Hardy Smith Marr.

The first-born Harrison weighed 2 pounds 6 ounces, the next brother, Hardy, came in at 2 pounds 10 ounces, the third, Henry weighed 2 pounds 6.7 ounces, while the youngest of them all, Hudson, was just 1 pound 15 ounces.

The parents called them “baby birds”, and they came home in early May, as three of them needed oxygen and all four stayed in the neonatal intensive care unit for about 10 weeks.

Chris says that they often find it difficult to tell the boys apart:

“They each have little bitty characteristics. When we sit down and look at them we can figure out who they are but if you just look at them from a distance, they all look the same. Thank God, Hudson’s a little smaller than everybody else and quieter.

It was a very surreal time and it’s one of those things that we will probably look back on in a couple of years, hopefully, when everything’s back to normal like, ‘Wow that was crazy!’ We just hope that this little story and our boys bring as much joy to everybody as they bring to us.”

You can follow the adventures of the family of 6 on Instagram in the “punny” titled account: themarrthemerrier!