Mom Desperately Seeks Transplant as Her Infant Daughter Lies Dying – Help Us Send Prayers And Love

Unfortunately, we often need to hear about or witness a really sad story about someone to remember how happy we are and start cherishing the things we have in our life.

Since her birth in July, 1-year-old Arora “Rori” Shane has spent much of her life in the hospital, as she suffers from a congenital heart defect that is threatening her future.

Hoping for a miracle, her mother, Jennifer Shane, told their story on the social media, revealing that the only hope for her daughter is to get a heart transplant, but they face a difficulty to find one small enough to suit her tiny body. Namely, even adults with common blood types and otherwise healthy bodies have a problem to find a suitable heart donor.

The chance for survival was slim, since, as explained on the Hope for Rori Facebook page, she did not receive many offers due to her small body. Blood type and weight are a key factor, a donor who weighs 20-50 pounds is needed and her blood type is A+.

The mother has recently heard a story of Susie Rabaca, a cancer-sick mother pregnant with twins who found a bone-marrow donor after a social media plea for help, so she decided to share their story, hoping that the right person might eventually come across her post.

She admitted that after almost two years spent in the hospital, she does not know if it is the right way to ask for help, but if she manages to find her daughter a heart in this way, she would do it a million times over.

In the Norton Children’s Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, since December 1st, 2018, Rori had been on a heart transplant waiting list for 200 days, and a GoFundMe page had been set up to help the family cover the medical bills and expenses.

When Christmas was approaching, Rori and her mother had to pray for a miracle. Yet, on December 13th, 2018, the Facebook status for Hope for Rori was updated, revealing that she has a match, and will get a heart transplant the next day!

They thanked all their friends, and relatives for their support and prayers, and expressed their extreme happiness, excitement, and absolute joy.

A real Christmas miracle!

Additionally, people are becoming growingly aware of the power of social media, so if we all use it properly, it can help us save more lives in the future, and help each other with joined efforts.

This mother was a real hero, an epitome of faith, hope, and endurance, and her victory inspired many.  She was determined and bold until the last moment, and all strings possible to save the life of her daughter, and fortunately, she achieved her goal.

Stories of this kind also remind us that by fighting the good fight, we are likely to help more people in need than we initially thought. The surgery went good, and now, Rory has a long road of recovery, but her new heart beats strong, and she is currently in a recovery and rehabilitation process.

Let’s send our prayers and good thoughts to help this family go through it and finally live a happy and calm life!