Miracle Enzyme – A Multipurpose All-Natural Wonder Cleaner

Want your organic waste converted into gold valuable substance? Every housewife or host’s dream -- multipurpose cleaner which is completely natural, organic, non-toxic, without synthetic chemicals and, best of all, it can be prepared at home, from kitchen garbage.

It sounds too good to be true, right? Wrong! Many people who have made and are used to this method swear in its outstanding performance. Garbage enzyme is actually organic solution which occurs by simple fermentation of residue of fresh fruits and/or vegetables, brown sugar and water.


This amazing cleaner is really easy to make: kitchen garbage (remains of fruits and vegetables) are placed in a plastic container with water and brown sugar. This mixture should be allowed to ferment for 3 months.

Ratios: you will need 1 part brown sugar, 3 parts of kitchen waste and 10 parts of water.

Acetic brown solution, which will be formed, is waste enzyme. Before using, dilute it with water (ratio 1: 1000). According to numerous testimonies, it works wonders.

Miracle enzymes’ benefits

1. It purifies our air: during catalysis it generates Ozone (O3) and it does not only kill bacteria but it also increases the amount of oxygen in the air and gets rid of unpleasant odors.

2. Maintains a clean toilet: Waste enzyme can be flushed in the toilet because it prevents clogging, kills harmful bacteria and breaks down all the dirt and build-up of fatty deposits.

3. Maintains a clean home: it is antiseptic. Floors washed with water, in which you have added two tablespoons of the enzyme, will be really clean. It will also kill bacteria and repel mosquitoes, cockroaches and rats.

4. Maintains clean kitchen: a diluted solution of the waste enzymes can clean stove, oven and dishes. Effectively cleans stubborn stains.

5. Maintains clean clothes: clothes soaked in water with a little bit of added waste enzymes. Neutralizes harmful chemical detergents and makes the washing process easy and softens the clothes as well. Thus, washed clothes will be really clean because, as with dishes, waste enzyme removes stubborn stains.

6. Cleans vegetables: when you wash your fruits and vegetables in water, add a smaller amount of waste enzyme because it washes pesticides and makes the fruit safe to eat.

7. For skin care and detergents: dilute solution of enzyme extract (1:10) add it to shampoos, shower gels, dishwashers and laundry detergents. It, in fact, neutralizes harmful chemical poisons in commercial detergents.

The enzyme extract prevents skin allergies. Soak your body in water with added enzyme waste: it will set you free form skin problems and will make your skin soft as silk. Do not dilute the waste enzyme with hot water because too much heat destroys enzymes.

8. Pet care: diluted solution of the waste enzymes can be used for washing your pets because it removes ticks. Spray the doghouse with the solution. It will neutralize the smell of pets and your pet’s fur will be thicker!

9. For maintenance of vehicles: add a smaller amount of waste enzymes to your motor cooling water bottle. Refresh the engine and extend its lifespan. If you spray the inside of your car with the enzyme, it will neutralize odors.

10. Fertilizer: diluted waste enzyme (500-1000 times) can be used for watering plants, flowers and trees. It can also be used as an excellent fertilizer, helping grow the plants. Increase barren soil’s quality by watering it for three months with this enzyme.

According to the latest reports, garbage enzyme can even protect the enclosed spaces of the electromagnetic and other harmful radiation (from mobile phones, computers, wireless phones, devices, etc.)

And the last note: if everyone used the enzyme and when each household will turn their garbage into this beneficial enzyme, we will contribute to the spread of the collective consciousness of the need to protect our ozone. We would live in a clean, unpolluted environment.

Food would not contain toxins from the soil and from the pesticides we use. Instead, the soil would become rich in nutrients.

Joean Oon: “Let us green the Earth with garbage enzyme!”

One of most important persons for increasing public awareness of the benefits of waste enzyme is vegan and supporter of environmental protection and comes from Penang in Malaysia, Dr. Joean Oon.

She is director of the Center for naturopathy and protection of the family, a lecturer in International Chinese society for the prevention of cancer. She also often speaks on topics in the domain of health and of achieving inner peace.

Oon is also a devoted wife and mother of three beautiful girls. In 2006 Dr. Oon traveled to Thailand to study alternative medicine from Doctor Rosukon Poompanvong, naturopathic and organic farmers.

For outstanding achievements in the field of organic agriculture and agricultural innovator (Dr. Rosukon) won the 2003 award of the Thai Regional Office of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Dr. Rosukon actively engaged in research of the enzyme for more than 30 years, in fact she is the “creator” of the waste enzymes.

Rosukon says that fermentation creates natural chains of proteins, mineral salts and enzymes. Based on her research, Rosukon claims that garbage enzyme reduces global warming because the catalytic process,during the formation of the enzyme,generates waste gas zone, O3, which reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and heavy metals in clouds that”captive” heat.

Since you cannot plant a lot of trees in the cities, you can use this organic matter, in a way that you will put in a tightly closed container (without access to air) to which you need to add the brown sugar and water. Oxygen is released all the time during the fermentation, which is the same as if you planted 10 trees.

Oon learned the technique of preparing waste enzymes from Doctor Rosukon. Back in Penang she began to advocate its use. Dr Oon considers that every household should make this enzyme and spills it into drains and sewers, which would contribute to the purification of the oceans and rivers of toxins.

Dr Oon said that one liter of solution waste enzyme can purify up to 1000 liters of contaminated river water. Standard detergent actually wraps around the dirt.

When shrouded fat particles are washed down the drain they are formed again in a fatty layer called fatty sludge, which is, of course, full of dirt and can be removed very hard. If you do not get rid of it, it will clog the drains and cause flooding. Drainage systems will be overwhelmed.

If we add a little bit of the enzyme to cleaning detergent, it will dissolve the fat into smaller particles and microorganisms from the air will further oxidize and degrade.

So, if we regularly use waste enzyme in the drain, it will not accumulate fat deposits and will not clog the drainage systems in our homes. Drains will flow with clean water.

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